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What filter to buy to protect the screen of your smartphone

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The screen is still the main element of a smartphone today. It is also the most fragile component and the most exposed to falls. In order to prevent any risk of accident, it is recommended to protect it with suitable protection. Here are some tips for choosing the right screen protector..

The essential accessory to protect your smartphone

The latest generations of Gorilla Glass screens offer better protection against bumps and falls. According to tests carried out by the manufacturer, this new screen can withstand up to 15 drops from a height of one meter without damage.

But beware, all of this shouldn't make you think that phones have become indestructible. Despite the progress made in recent years, smartphones are nonetheless fragile. One minute of inattention, an awkward gesture is enough to end up with a cracked screen..

image It is usually at this time that we regret not having bought a screen protector. With this type of accessory, you are sure to keep your screen like new without any minor scratches. However, its purchase seems more complicated than it seems.

Protective films

Plastic screen protectors have had some success with the general public. It must be said that they have several significant advantages. Unlike a shell they do not disfigure the design of the phone. In addition, they are light, discreet (almost invisible) and above all very economical..

image Once installed, the plastic film will protect your smartphone from small scratches and other small shocks without affecting the responsiveness of the touch screen. So you can put your phone in your pants pocket with peace of mind.

Note that some models have an anti-spy veil to protect their screen from prying eyes. It is not possible to see what your smartphone displays if you are not in front of it.

Please note, however, the protection offered by a plastic film remains very limited. Avoid films based on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) if possible. This type of plastic commonly found on water bottles offers little protection against scratches.

Prefer protective films made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). These accessories are a little more expensive but also more resistant. However, they are not perfect. The installation of this type of film is quite complicated. Here is a guide to correctly apply a protective film.

Tempered glass film

If you are the maniac type, I can only advise you to opt for a tempered glass protection. Compared to a simple plastic film, this accessory offers superior protection against falls and shocks. In the event of an accident, the tempered glass absorbs the impact to prevent the touch screen from finding itself out of order.

In addition, most of these protections have an oleophobic coating. This means that they have undergone special treatment to reduce the appearance of fingerprints on the screen of smartphones.

But that's not all. Tempered glass protections have a longer lifespan than plastic films. And then if you notice the appearance of some micro-scratches nothing prevents you from changing the tempered glass filter. It will be cheaper than changing the whole slab.