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Transform text from lowercase to uppercase on Android

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After typing a long message on your smartphone you just realize that you forgot to put certain important words in capital letters. Rather than re-entering everything, we will see that the Gboard keyboard has a secret function allowing you to change the case of a text or a group of words..

Toggle text already written in lowercase in uppercase

Gboard's Google input application is without a doubt one of the most complete virtual keyboards for smartphones on the market. It supports more than 500 languages ​​and 40 different writing systems.

To this is added a large number of features such as for example emoji support, a predictive input system suggesting the next word as well as quick access to the Google search engine..

It also offers a whole bunch of handy little functions to make it easier to enter text. Unfortunately, a large number of them remain totally unknown to the general public. This is the case for example of the option allowing to pass a text in lowercase in capital letter with a simple click. And that's a shame.

As you already know, changing the case of a text is far from being fun. This operation requires an incalculable number of manipulations which are difficult to carry out in a mobility situation..

First you have to select the word or the first letter to modify then delete the highlighted part. In a second step, you will have to retype the text not without having taken care before to activate the capital mode on the keyboard of your Android smartphone.

Capitalize a word on Android

If you want to highlight a word by capitalizing it (without having to re-enter it), the Gboard tip given below should change your life. Once it is mastered, it will save you precious time.

  • Open a messaging application (SMS, WhatsApp) or word processing software
  • Enter your text
  • With your finger, you will double tap the word to modify
  • The latter will then appear highlighted image
  • Press the Shift button (arrow facing up) on the keyboard of your smartphone image
  • The first letter of the word will automatically capitalize
  • By pressing the Shift button a second time, the whole word will be capitalized image
  • Click the button a third time to make everything lowercase

This option specific to Google's Gboard keyboard also works with several words. You can for example use it to capitalize the first and last name of a person in one click. Note that there is a trick to quickly insert a capital letter in a text. image To do this, simply press the Shift button and slide your finger towards the desired letter without removing it from the screen.