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Consult and take notes without unlocking your iPhone

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No one really knows how ideas are born. But to be sure you don't forget them, it's best to put them on paper. Rather than doing it on a simple notebook, we will learn how to create notes directly from the lock screen of an iPhone..

Add notes from your iPhone lock screen

It's always handy to always have a small notepad and a pen with you to write down important things like to-do, inspirations or appointments. Many people have plans in mind but forget to keep track of them.

Obviously with the advent of digital, paper has lost its importance. Many young and old alike prefer the smartphone. If you are one of these people, be aware that there are a few tips to gain productivity and take notes faster..

Anyone who uses the Notes app regularly knows how annoying it can be. With the new version of iOS, you can now access your notes and even create new ones directly from the lock screen of your iPhone.

Access the Notes app without unlocking

The lock screen provides access to a whole bunch of settings and practical information. But curiously the Notes application has so far been inaccessible from this screen. Fortunately, since the arrival of version 11 of iOS things have changed..

We can now view and even create memos from the lock screen of your iPhone. You just need to add the Notes application to the control center of your smartphone beforehand using the following procedure.

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Click on the Control Center section and then on Customize commands
  • Press the small + icon located to the left of the Notes heading
  • The app will then automatically integrate the iPhone control center
  • Keep your finger pressed on the Notes icon and then drag it up or down to adjust its position

Now go to the lock screen of your iPhone. Then slide your finger from top to right on an iPhone X (and newer versions) or from top to bottom on an older iPhone to bring up the control center.

Now you just have to click on the Notes icon and start redirecting your memo. A more pronounced press (3D Touch) on this same icon will offer you additional options such as the possibility of adding a drawing to a note.

View an existing note on the lock screen

As you already know, it is essential to make a list before you go shopping at the supermarket. Whether it is to control your budget or avoid wasting your time on the shelves, drawing up a list allows you to do your shopping more serenely.

Problem once in the aisles of your store, you will spend most of your time unlocking your smartphone so that you can consult your shopping list, just to make sure that nothing is missing in the cart. And by force it quickly becomes annoying.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we will now see how to access the last note viewed from the iPhone lock screen.

  • Open Phone Settings
  • Bring down the window
  • Click the Notes button
  • Press Access from the lock screen
  • Select the Note option consulted in the Notes app

Then choose the period during which the lock code will be required to consult your memo. You should know that the shorter the delay, the greater the security. Note that it is possible to protect your notes with a password.