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Stream music simultaneously on two Bluetooth devices

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Did we all dream one day of being able to share our music with a friend on two different Bluetooth headsets? What was unthinkable yesterday has now become a reality on Galaxy phones. Here is the procedure for connecting two Bluetooth devices to an Android smartphone using Dual Audio technology..

Listening to music on two Bluetooth devices

Remember in the 90s, all music lovers had a dual jack adapter. Have you ever used one? For the youngest, who never knew this period, this small accessory was used to play music on two different wired headsets.

Obviously today all of this may seem laughable. But at the time it was the only solution to introduce a song to a friend far from home. Nowadays, with the emergence of wireless technologies, the double jack adapter has completely sunk into oblivion like many electronic devices..

The manufacturer Samsung resuscitates this audio accessory and adapts it to the 21st century. The famous dual output jack now takes the form of a wireless feature called Dual Audio. The latter is available on most high-end phones from the Korean manufacturer, namely the Note range and certain models in the Galaxy S range.

How to use the Dual Audio function?

Dual Audio is one of the new Bluetooth options built into Samsung smartphones. As the name suggests, it lets you listen to music from your phone to two other wireless devices..

No matter which Bluetooth accessory is used. They can be headsets, speakers and even headsets. One can easily imagine all the advantages that such an option offers. So by connecting two Bluetooth speakers you can create a surround sound system at low cost.

This device can also be used to keep a double sound output at home or in the car. This will allow you to stream music to your vehicle's audio system without having to disconnect your headphones. This is particularly practical for short trips. It avoids a large number of manipulations.

  • Open your phone's settings menu
  • Select the Connections option then Bluetooth image
  • Click on the advanced tab or on the Menu button (three dots) located in the upper right corner
  • Press the Dual Audio switch to activate the dual Bluetooth output image

Once activation is complete, all you need to do is connect two Bluetooth devices to your smartphone. The process is the same as that used to pair a wireless device. As a reminder, you will find in this link the procedure to connect a Bluetooth device to an Android mobile.

List of Samsung Dual Audio compatible phones

Please note that not all Samsung smartphones have a dual Bluetooth audio output. Here is the list of devices that support Dual Audio at the time of publication of this article.

  • Samsung Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10 and derived versions, namely the Plus models

If your smartphone is not on the list, nothing is lost yet. Go to the website of the Korean manufacturer, check that your device is compatible with Bluetooth 5 technology. If it is, chances are that it has the Dual Audio option.