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How to view shopping center maps on an iPhone

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To attract increasingly demanding customers, architects and developers are building ever larger shopping centers with hundreds of boutiques, restaurants and giant cinemas. Without a card or plan, you are likely to get lost. Fortunately for you, the Apple Maps app offers interior maps of hundreds of shopping centers and airports around the world..

Find your way in a shopping center thanks to your iPhone

True small cities in reduction, the shopping centers develop at great speed V. And the phenomenon touches all the continents including the emerging countries. In these territories, malls (English name given to shopping centers) are growing exponentially and growing like mushrooms.

To face the competition and adapt to new consumption patterns, the heavyweights of the sector have embarked on a frantic race for gigantism. As a result, these new temples of consumption offer very large sales areas. For example, the West Edmonton Mall located in Canada in the province of Alberta has an area of ​​approximately 500,000 square meters..

Given the vastness of these complexes, it has become practically impossible to get around without the help of a map. Obviously the vast majority of centers have dedicated applications offering different types of service, including the map of store locations.

But now everyone does not want to overload the memory of their iPhone with a new application, just because they need to find the nearest toilet. And that, Apple understood perfectly..

How to use Apple Maps interactive maps

The Apple mapping application offers interior maps of a large number of shopping centers and airports. This new feature thus makes it easier for iPhone owners to find their way around these huge buildings and to waste their time wandering the huge corridors in search of an orientation terminal.

We find in particular the list of shops, restaurants but also different types of services such as ATMs, toilets, elevators, children's games, infirmary, etc.

  • Open the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Check that the word satellite is deactivated
  • Enter the name of the shopping center in which you are located in the search form
  • Select the result from the list

Apple Plans will display the map of the mall with the various stores. Then simply move around the map to display the exact location of shops, restaurants and various services.

Note that it is possible to filter the results by categories (eating, drinking, shopping, travel, services, leisure, health or transport). By clicking on one of the points of interest, you will obtain additional information on the shops (opening hours, exact address, website and customer reviews).

Please note that not all shopping centers have a detailed map in the Apple mapping application. In this link you will find the list of shopping centers with indoor maps.

Getting around airports around the world

International airports are like small cities in which it is very easy to get lost. Whether it is to find the boarding gate or access the car parks, it has become almost essential to have a map to find your way.

Apple's mapping application displays the interior maps of most major international airports. From a zoom you can see the terminals, check-in counters, information kiosks, toilets and even the treadmills from which you collect your luggage.

  • Launch the Maps application
  • Enter airport name
  • Select the terminal of your choice
  • Zoom with your fingers to reveal the different points of interest

This function is particularly useful for all those who are not used to flying. You will be able to identify the reception hall for departures, the hall for arrivals, the various security posts as well as the passport control area.