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Can you unlock an iPhone locked by iCloud?

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The purchase of a second-hand smartphone sometimes has very bad surprises. Be careful. Some customers who thought they were getting a good deal ended up with an iPhone blocked by the iCloud lock. Are there solutions to get around this protection? This is what we will see in this article..

How to unlock an iCloud account

The second-hand market is doing well in the mobile telephony sector. With prices that keep going up, more and more consumers are turning to buying second-hand iPhones. If you're the type who wants to do good business, go for it.

We manage to find phones offering optimal performance for a reasonably modest budget. But beware, unpleasant surprises. We can no longer count the number of buyers who find themselves with a totally unusable smartphone..

It is no longer a secret, classifieds sites are full of blocked iPhone. They are generally sold at unbeatable prices. Obviously sellers are careful not to tell you that they are locked on iCloud.

For those who do not know, all Apple mobile devices have an anti-theft system called activation lock. So as soon as a user loses or has their phone stolen, they can remotely lock their phone or tablet from the iCloud.com site..

Once the iCloud lock is activated, the device displays an alert message asking the person to enter the Apple ID and password of the owner. Without this valuable information, you cannot use the device in question. Buying a blocked iPhone is therefore equivalent to buying a clipboard of several hundred euros. image

Obviously, not all iPhones blocked on iCloud are necessarily stolen or lost. Sometimes honest sellers forget to deactivate the activation lock function. If this is the case, they can perform this unlocking directly at home from the iCloud site.

Website offering to unlock a blocked iPhone remotely

First of all, you should know that there is no legal solution to unlock an iPhone blocked by iCloud. Once the smartphone is locked, it is almost impossible to use it. Resetting, recovery mode, jailbreak or changing the SIM card will not change anything.

We find on the net, different sites offering paid solutions to break the iCloud lock. Obviously these are scams. These sites are looking for money by selling unlocking methods that don't work.

The only way to get around the iCloud lock is to go to an Apple store using a document proving the purchase of the iPhone. I do not recommend that you present yourself with a false invoice tampered with using graphics software.

Employees of Apple stores have access to a huge database called GXS. The latter contains a lot of information such as the serial number of the device as well as the contact details of the previous owner.

They can also know the iCloud status of the device and thus know if the device has been declared stolen or lost. Apple Store managers can easily spot whirlwinds. You are now warned.

On the other hand, if the iPhone belongs to you but you no longer remember your username, don't panic. Here you will find several solutions to recover an Apple ID.