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Tips for Taking Advantage of Free Shipping on Amazon

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E-commerce addicts and shopping addicts know how frustrating it is to have to pay shipping costs. Amazon requires a minimum purchase of 25 euros in France to benefit from free delivery on its site. Is that too much for you? Fortunately there are legal ways to avoid high shipping costs..

Get free shipping on your Amazon orders

What a long way since July 1995, when Jeff Bezos launched his modest online bookseller. Twenty years later, Amazon has grown into one of the largest trading companies in the world. The American giant occupies the number 1 position in the distribution of non-food products in France in terms of turnover.

This success can be explained as much by the attractive prices as by the large choice of items. The only downside is the shipping costs. If you are used to ordering books from Amazon, you probably already know that the delivery costs are free for each order with no minimum purchase..

For other products (clothing, computers, smartphones, DIY items, lighting, shoes, etc.), the American e-commerce site will require you to spend at least 25 euros to take advantage of free delivery. And this is far from trivial. According to a study, nearly 42% of French consumers abandon their shopping cart if there is a charge for delivery.

Free shipping promo code

There are, however, little known ways to dodge delivery costs or at least reduce their effects. Start by going around sites offering discount coupons. This will allow you to benefit from a reduction or even free delivery..

You will find on this page a selection of coupons classified by category and valid only on Amazon. To use them, simply click on the select this coupon button and then add the product to your basket. The reduction will be applied automatically upon payment.

Increase the value of your shopping cart

Another tip is to find so-called filler products. Beauty accessories, computer cables, protective cover for smartphones, clothing, fashion accessories, there are a multitude of small products that you will use. Sooner or later you will need a pair of socks.

  • Go to the Amazon site
  • Select the category of your choice
  • Click in the search bar on the price range of your choice image

Amazon will then return a list of products sorted by price. Most of the time adding a product to your order is much cheaper than paying the shipping costs.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Amazon Prime members enjoy several benefits that I will not detail here. If you are interested, I invite you to go read this article: everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Now. But one of the most important is undoubtedly that of free delivery costs.

The Amazon Prime service costs 5.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year. But what you may not know is that it is possible to benefit from a 30-day free trial period. During this time, you can order the products of your choice without having to pay the delivery costs. You can also benefit from delivery within 1 working day on more than 2 million items.

If you are a student (18 to 24 years old) the trial period at Prime Jeunes is 6 months. This will allow you to benefit from all the advantages of the Amazon Prime offer. Once the 6-month trial period has passed, you will be charged 24 euros per year for the service.

Cancel your Amazon Prime subscription

Obviously the trick is to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription before the end of the trial period. To avoid any risk, I advise you to stop it once your registration is complete. To do this, simply return to your account, go to Amazon Prime Settings and click on the option requesting that the subscription to Amazon Prime stop after the trial period.

It's not more complicated than that. Please note, the trial period is only valid during the first registration. Do not expect to use this trick every time you place an order on Amazon.