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What is Snapchat Discover used for?

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The Snapchat app has undergone the biggest overhaul in its history. In addition to the traditional photo sharing functions, the social network has just launched a new screen called Flux Discover or Discover in French. The latter is supposed to offer you content tailored to your tastes and needs. Let's see how it works..

The news of your stars on the Discover section of Snapchat

Snapchat built its success on its ephemeral messages and its famous animated filters also called Lens. These augmented reality face masks brighten up selfies by displaying objects or characters in photos and even videos.

You have certainly come across a portrait of a friend wearing dog ears or a rainbow coming out of his mouth. There are dozens of different filters. And with the launch of Lens Explorer, the augmented reality mask store, the possibilities for personalization have multiplied..

Use the Discover function

But now these new functions have failed to attract new users. To survive, Snapchat had to react. This is done with the launch of a new version of its application. The latter now includes a whole new news feed.

But unlike its big competitors like Facebook or Instagram, the little ghost social network does not mix the publications of its friends with those of brands and companies. News headlines and news from your favorite stars will appear in a dedicated window called Discover..

  • Position yourself on the camera screen
  • Slide your finger on the screen to the left
  • At the top of the window you will find the stories of your friends
  • A little further down is the subscriptions section. This is where all the messages and content posted by the creators, brands and companies you follow are placed.
  • These are listed in chronological order
  • Finally the last section titled For you groups sponsored Stories as well as the contents to which you are not subscribed but which should interest you.

This selection is made automatically via an algorithm developed by Snapchat. This device makes it possible to determine the way in which you will receive the information by prioritizing the content according to your affinities.

image Initial user reactions have been mixed to say the least. Fortunately, Snapchat offers the possibility of correcting these small errors. To do this, just leave your finger pressed on an irrelevant Story and click on the button see less similar content or hide this account.

How to watch a Story in the Discover window

In order to simplify the use of its application and make it more accessible, Snapchat has completely revised its interface. Unread messages from your friends will now appear at the top of the Discover window in chronological order.

The Media and Content Creator Stories incorporates a personalized feed called For You. It brings together no less than 70 media partners to which we must add articles related to current events.

Navigate through the different Stories

With the redesign of its application, Snapchat has also changed the way to navigate within Stories. If you are not part of the Millenium generation (people born between 1980 and 1999) and you are new to Snapchat, a Story is a short animated sequence made up of photos and videos with drawings and filters.

  • To go to the next Snap of the Story you have to put your finger on the right of the screen
  • Conversely to return to the previous Snap you have to click on the left of the screen
  • Swipe right to move to the next story or left to review the previous one
  • To exit a Story and return to the Discover screen, slide your finger down the screen
  • Some Stories offer additional content (registration form, video, etc.). To display it, just click on the Plus button at the bottom of the window.
  • Please note that the videos start automatically. Remember to turn down the volume of your smartphone or plug in your headphones

Important detail, if your Stories have some success on Snapchat and the number of your followers soars, the editors of Snapchat reserve the right to integrate your publications in the Discover section.

Obviously such a consecration requires a lot of work. Standing out on Snapchat is not easy, especially if you have limited resources. Pay attention to the times you post. Do not hesitate to cancel the sending of your snaps. Your publications should not be lost in the news feed of your subscribers.

Note that popular accounts approved by Snapchat have detailed analysis tools. Here you know everything about the new Discover section. You can now take full advantage of the social network with the little ghost. Don't forget to install the latest version of the Snapchat app to access these new features.