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How to recognize a real new iPhone from a refurbished one

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The second-hand market and in particular that of iPhones has exploded in recent years. But watch out for scams. There are many frauds, especially on the net. Apple refurbished smartphones are sometimes found sold as new products. Here is a technique to thwart the scam and recognize a new iPhone from a refurbished device..

Identify a refurbished iPhone

In the current economic context, taking out 1000 euros to afford the latest iPhone is not within the reach of all budgets. And some unscrupulous sellers have understood this. They do not hesitate to resell refurbished or replaced iPhones as new.

And these cases are far from isolated. We sometimes find on the net products with large discounts presented as new. Distrust, it is sometimes smartphones (already open) returned after the legal withdrawal period or worse a model returned to the After-Sales Service following a hardware failure. They are repaired by a technician, reconditioned and then put back into the circuit as new..

But traders and shops aren't the only ones trying to trick you. Some after-sales services do not hesitate to exchange faulty phones under a damage contract or a 2-year legal warranty by reconditioned devices. Obviously the latter are careful not to tell you.

Determine the real state of your iPhone

Do you have a doubt about your iPhone? When you unpack your new smartphone, some accessories were not protected by plastic bags. You noticed micro scratches on the back cover. And yet the purchase invoice makes no mention of a repackaging..

Rest assured there is a very simple tip to find out if your iPhone is new, refurbished or if it is an Apple replacement model supplied in exchange for a defective device. Once this information in hand, you can turn against the unscrupulous seller and assert your rights.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  • Click on General then on Information
  • Lower the window until you see the Model line appear
  • On this line you will see a code consisting of a letter followed by a series of alphanumeric characters (MXXXXXXXX) image

The first letter of this code will identify the status of your iPhone. This technique is the safest way to find out the origin of your phone.

  • If the code starts with the letter M, this indicates that you have a new phone or tablet that has never been used.
  • The letter P relates to new iPods and iPads whose back cover has been personalized with an engraving
  • If you see the letter F as the first character on the line labeled bad news for you. Your terminal has been reconditioned. It is therefore not new
  • Letter N concerns devices supplied free of charge by Apple to their customers in exchange for a broken model.

Note that by leaving your finger pressed on the Model heading in the settings of your iPhone, you will display the identification number of your terminal. The latter will let you know which model you have.

You never know if the seller has already lied to you about the condition of your device, he may also have lied to you about the product reference. If you are interested you will find in this link the procedure to identify your model of iPhone or iPad.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

Apple smartphones are among the most expensive phones on the market. But unlike their Android competitors, iPhones are enjoying a second life on the second-hand market. It is quite possible to resell an old generation Apple phone at a good price.

Companies have also specialized in this type of trade. They buy back used phones or devices returned due to a breakdown. Professional technicians test them, repair them (if necessary), clean them and then erase all personal data that may be present in the device's memory.

The terminal is then placed in a box (sometimes different from the original packaging) with these accessories. Most refurbished iPhones have a warranty.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone

This solution offers many advantages. Refurbished iPhones are certified and you usually have a few days to report them. This system also makes it possible to avoid the risks of scams and in particular the problems linked to the activation of the locking with Apple identifiers.

And then with a refurbished mobile, it is possible to lower your purchase invoice by 20% or more depending on the model chosen. Who has never dreamed of being able to afford a branded phone at a sacrificed price?

But beware buying a refurbished iPhone still has some risks. Some refurbished devices come from stocks returned by the owners due to a breakdown. The risk of falling on a phone with a hidden defect (although low) is real. This is why it is better to opt for a device with a fairly long warranty period.