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Back Tap: launch an app by tapping the back of the iPhone

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The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system (iOS 14) has a new feature that will change the way you use your iPhone. With this new option called Back Tap, you can perform different actions by double tapping your finger on the back of your iPhone. Here's how to use the custom Back Tap commands..

Control your apps by tapping the back cover of the iPhone

The iOS update includes a new accessibility function. As its name suggests, Back Tap allows you to launch applications or perform operations (screenshot, lock the phone) by simply pressing the back of the iPhone.

The possibilities for configuring this new function are almost unlimited. Unfortunately, as is often the case with accessibility options for people with disabilities, manufacturers communicate very little about this type of functionality..

This is all the more unfortunate, as these tools can prove to be particularly useful for all iPhone users. Imagine with a simple tap, launch your favorite application without even having to touch the screen of your smartphone.

But that's not all. It is also possible to use Back Tap with the Shortcuts app. With a simple touch on the back cover of the iPhone you can trigger a whole series of tasks. You can for example switch to energy saving mode (turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and lower the screen brightness) by pressing the back of your phone..

Activate Back Tap mode

The Back Tap tool works regardless of the window open, including the lock screen (home page, third-party applications). But beware, you will need to install iOS 14 on your phone before you can use it. Once you've done that, all you have to do is activate Back Tap by following the instructions below.

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click on the accessibility section then click on
  • Bring down the window
  • Press the touch section to go back
  • Select one of the two options available (touch 2 times or touch 3 times)
  • Click on the first option
  • Choose the action you want to launch from the list by double tapping on the back cover of your iPhone

The list of functions compatible with Back Tap is particularly provided. You can for example use the double tap to lower the volume, take a screenshot, open the notification center, mute the sound, lock the screen or launch Siri.

It may seem surprising but the Back Tap function even works with a protective case. Provided of course not to use an ultra thick shockproof shell like the one used by the military. In these cases, you should not hesitate to hit hard on the back cover.

Then there is the problem of accidental knocks that can occur in your pocket or in your bag. The future will tell us if these false positives can be harmful to your phone. Initially, it is preferable to link Back Tap to a screen capture type function. This will allow you to better control the use of Back Tap.