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Earn Play Store Credits by Responding to Surveys

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Google has been offering for several months a great application called Google Opinion Rewards to quickly and legally obtain credits to spend on the Play Store or on PayPal. To do this, simply answer a simple survey consisting of 10 questions or less. Here are some tips for earning more money with Google Opinion Rewards..

How Google Opinion Rewards works

You have certainly heard of paid surveys available on the internet? Their principle is extremely simple. You answer a series of questions and in return you receive gifts, vouchers or money. Well, that's exactly how Google Opinion Rewards works.

You download the application on your smartphone or tablet by clicking directly on this link: Google Opinion Rewards. During the first launch, you will be asked to answer a few questions in order to offer you surveys corresponding to your profile. This is essentially basic information such as your name, your first name, your age, your profession, etc..

image You will then automatically receive notifications on your smartphone inviting you to participate in surveys or studies. These consist of a series of 10 questions maximum, very short. It will not take you more than 30 seconds.

Studies can also focus on cinema, television, food, logos, mobile applications, vacations. You may also be asked for your opinion on a product or company. Important detail, each user is free to refuse or accept a study. However, keep in mind that the more you answer surveys, the faster you will accumulate credits or money..

How are you paid?

Revenues vary depending on surveys, studies and the number of questions to be answered. However, the maximum amount cannot exceed 0.75 euros. Once you have reached the threshold of 3 euros, the amount will be automatically transferred to the PayPal account that you have previously configured.

In some territories, it is possible to convert your money into a credit to spend on the Google store. You will be able to buy apps, games, movies, books or music on the Play Store by simply answering a few questions. image When you have enough money to place an order, don't forget to change your payment method in the settings. The procedure is identical to that used with a prepaid Google Play Store card.

What are these studies and surveys used for?

Companies, website publishers but also marketers are more and more often using market research companies to find out the opinions of Internet users. Google Consumer Surveys specializing in personalized market research offers this type of service.

It is she who also developed the Google Opinion Rewards application with which you will be able to earn money or credits to spend on the Play Store. These surveys are only intended to collect the opinion of Internet users before the launch of a product or campaign.

How to make more money with Google Opinion Rewards

Surveys are quick to complete but over time they become increasingly rare. So much so that some users almost no longer receive notifications. Fortunately there are a few tips to get more surveys and therefore Google Play credits.

First, you must verify that the Google Opinion Rewards application has all the necessary authorizations, in particular that of localization. This is the sine qua non condition for using the application correctly. This will make you more likely to receive surveys.

  • Open your smartphone settings
  • Select the Settings option
  • Choose Google Opinion Rewards
  • Tap the Permissions option
  • Activate all the requested permissions
  • Then launch the Google app
  • Click on the More button then on the Settings option
  • Select the Accounts and confidentiality option then on Orders relating to the activity
  • Make sure the Location History switch is on

Keep in mind that the changes made in these menus will have an impact on your privacy. Similarly leaving the GPS function permanently activated may reduce the autonomy of your smartphone

Take the time to answer the questions

When you receive an inquiry request notification, the system gives you 24 hours to process the request. Be as honest as possible. The application uses algorithms to unmask users who are not sincere.

Sometimes some people have fun cheating on their age or their income. Do not do that. If the application detects inconsistent responses, you may not have any more surveys. And remember this famous phrase, cheaters don't thrive.