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Block sending photos via AirDrop on an iPhone

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A new form of technological harassment
Block the AirDrop function on an iPhone
What is AirDrop
Limit access from your iPhone to AirDrop


Malicious people take advantage of the AirDrop function of the iPhone to broadcast explicit content on the phones of strangers. This phenomenon is still not widespread but real and potentially destructive for those who receive this kind of photo in the center of the screen of their iPhone. Here is a very simple technique to set up to block the sending of offensive content via AirDrop technology..

A new form of technological harassment

The scenario is always the same. You are quietly waiting for the bus or train at the station closest to you. It's rush hour, the stop is crowded. You take advantage of these few minutes of respite to consult your Facebook news feed, read a few tweets or check your emails.

When suddenly, a window opens wide on your iPhone asking you to accept or refuse to share a photo. And there in the middle of your screen, you discover a vulgar image (most often a male attribute in full excitement)..

It is neither a virus nor an advertisement for a site reserved for people over the age of 18. You have just been the victim of an exhibitionist 2.0. These malicious people use Apple's wireless file sharing function (AirDrop) to distribute explicit content to public transit users.

What is AirDrop

This technology was developed by the Apple brand to facilitate the sharing of files or photos with other Apple devices. This device uses a Bluetooth connection to create a Wi-Fi network between the different terminals (iPhone, iPad, Mac)..

This gives it the advantage of being able to operate with or without an internet connection, including in the metro tunnels. The only imperative is that users should be close to each other. And that is the problem.

Little jokes take advantage of this feature to send all iPhones within a radius of ten meters around them a request to share photos. The latter unfortunately is accompanied by a preview of the image large enough to see the photo clearly. Impossible to escape even if we refuse the transfer of photo.

Block the AirDrop function on an iPhone

The authorities are completely helpless in the face of this very worrying phenomenon. Clearance rates for this type of case are very low. It is very difficult to find the person behind this photo sharing. Observing what is happening on the bus, train or metro train unfortunately does not help much.

In most cases, it is rare for this type of practice to end in physical assault. The malicious person using this type of scheme wants above all to create a reaction in his victim. It is very satisfying to see fear in the eyes of its prey.

But beware, this bad perverse and stupid game is not without consequences for those who receive the file sharing request. Imagine what could happen if a young person came across such obscene photos. You or your child could also be the victim of this type of harassment.

Limit access from your iPhone to AirDrop

It is however simple to define permissions on AirDrop. This device prevents other iPhone users from seeing your phone. This will become invisible on the AirDrop interface. Note that this system even works with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. This should reassure heads in the air who forget to disable wireless connections when they leave their home.

  • Place on the home page of your iPhone or iPad
  • Slide your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen to display the control center
  • Firmly tap the green network settings icon located in the upper left corner of the screen image
  • If you have an iPad, iPhone 6 or higher, you must leave your finger pressed for several seconds on the network settings icon
  • Then select AirDrop
  • Then choose one of the two options offered
  • Click Reception off to stop receiving any file sharing requests
  • Click Contacts only to allow only your friends to send you documents or images image

As you can see, it is very simple to block AirDrop. This system will protect you from this unhealthy phenomenon. Malicious people will no longer be able to locate your phone from its terminal.

Also remember not to leave your phone's Wi-Fi on all the time. It is useless, it exposes you to this type of inconvenience and in addition it consumes unnecessary battery. You have been warned.