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Make a complete diagnosis of the battery of your smartphone

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At a time when we are only talking about the size of smartphone screens or the performance of their photo sensors, we forget a little too easily that phones are still struggling to last more than 24 hours. The Battery Doctor application proposes to carry out a complete diagnosis of the battery of your mobile and to offer you tips for achieving energy savings..

Increase battery performance

Smartphone manufacturers promise us a battery capable of recharging in less than 15 minutes. The electronics giants have been talking about it for ten years. And still nothing. A priori it will still be necessary to be patient. The long-awaited revolution has not yet arrived.

Advances in the field of accumulators have not kept pace with other technological advances. The phones have gradually turned into a miniature PC. Their computing capacity and processing power today exceed those of the computers used for the launch of the first space rocket..

Obviously the more powerful a smartphone is, the more energy it will consume. This debauchery of power comes at a cost. But that's not all. With the increase of the available storage space we are installing more applications than before. As you most certainly know, all these apps can cause your battery to drain very quickly.

Tips and Tricks to Extend Your Battery Life

When it comes to batteries, some manufacturers embellish reality. When it comes to quantifying the autonomy of their devices, they do not hesitate to increase the figures. The information presented by some manufacturers is completely out of touch with reality..

image That said, no one uses their mobile in the same way. Some are addicted to videos on YouTube, others spend their day on Facebook while some people just surf the internet. It then becomes very complex to measure the performance of a smartphone.

Fortunately all this is not inevitable. It is quite possible to reduce these little annoyances. Many of you have asked us if there are no techniques to increase battery life.

First you have to pay attention to the number of applications installed on your device. Ask yourself the following question: Do I really need this software? If the answer is no, you delete without hesitation. Here is the list of the 10 applications that consume the most battery.

If your phone has an Amoled screen, you can also change the desktop wallpaper for Android. We do not always think about it and yet a black screen saves ten minutes of autonomy. You will find in the list a selection of the best tips to optimize the battery of your mobile.

  • Switch your mobile screen to black and white mode
  • Lower the screen brightness
  • Activate Android energy saver
  • Disable Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS
  • Don't play games for too long. Mobile games are known to drain the battery of a mobile at high speed.
  • Close all apps you don't use
  • Identify the most energy-consuming applications

Note that most of these tasks are repetitive and may cause you to waste a lot of time. Over time, we tend to forget them, or even to avoid doing them altogether. If turning your mobile location system on and off multiple times a day makes you shudder, be aware that there are many automation tools out there.

With the Tasker application, it is possible to create small scenarios and automatically modify the parameters of your phone. For example, you can ask him to turn off the Wi-Fi and stop the vibrator as soon as you leave your home. Please note this service requires some programming knowledge. Rest assured there are many tutorials on the net.

Test your smartphone battery with Battery Doctor

Unfortunately all the advice given here is not always enough to extend the battery life between two charges. In these cases, you will need to opt for a battery saver application like Battery Doctor.

The latter offers various tools to test your battery. It can also provide you with information on the applications that drain your battery and give you valuable advice on saving several minutes and even several hours of use.

  • Open the Google Play Store and download the Battery Doctor app
  • Launch the battery saver
  • During the first launch, the tool will tell you the number of processes in use on your Android
  • Click the Optimize button to stop them automatically image
  • Then press the Battery Condition tab to display the list of the most energy-consuming apps image

At a glance, you can identify the source of your problem. In this photo, we can clearly see that Facebook is by far the most battery-hungry application. It will therefore be necessary to remember to properly leave the social network when you are not using it. It will allow you to save some money.

Create a custom mode

Certain functions of your smartphone consume a lot of energy and yet they are far from essential. Is it useful, for example, to leave the GPS function of your smartphone activated at home?

To solve this type of problem, Battery Doctor offers several predefined saving modes. These have been designed to extend the life of your battery by blocking the execution of certain background tasks depending on the time of day.

Please note, this energy saving mode can slow down the execution of certain tasks or prevent the use of certain functions. In general, the economizer decreases the performance of Android phones. But that's the price you pay to reduce the amount of energy used by your smartphone.

Fortunately, the Battery Doctor application offers the possibility of creating its own energy saving modes. This will make it very easy to exclude the applications or functions that you really need.

  • Launch the Battery Doctor app
  • Click the Mode tab image
  • Press the Add Options button (or +) to create your own energy saving mode
  • Give it a name
  • Click the OFF button in front of each feature you wish to deactivate
  • Save your energy saving mode by clicking on the Save button
  • Then press the Planning tab
  • Select the dates and times when you want the power saving mode to automatically activate