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How to make a call from the Android lock screen

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Each new version of Android brings its share of new features. If the vast majority of new features bring a better user experience, sometimes some developments disappoint. This is particularly the case with the disappearance of the lockscreen phone icon. Below is a tip for making a call from the lock screen of an Android mobile..

Change lock screen icons

This is certainly the most visible innovation of Android 6 (Marshmallow). The Google Now voice assistant has replaced the phone icon on the lock screen of Android smartphones. This change, which is far from being purely cosmetic, shows once again the growing importance of virtual assistants.

This in-depth reorganization of the lockscreen may have an impact on the way you use your smartphone. Indeed this functionality is very practical to dial a number with the least possible manipulation..

We forget it a little quickly, but the telephone function still occupies an essential place in the daily life of very many users. Fortunately there is a trick to change the icons on the lock screen. And good news, this simple and fast solution does not require the installation of any application.

Find the phone shortcut

Below is the complete procedure for replacing the phone icon on the lock screen of your smartphone. This only works on devices with Android 6 or higher..

  • Open your phone settings
  • Tap Applications in the Device section
  • Then click on the gear located at the top right of the window image
  • Select the Default application option then Assistance and voice input
  • Click on the heading Assistance application (and not on the gear) image
  • Choose None image
  • Close the settings and return to the home screen of your phone

Here it is finished. Now you just have to put your mobile in standby mode and then click on the Power button to turn the screen back on. Normally if the operation was successful, you should find the beautiful phone icon and thus be able to make calls from the lock screen.

Call a contact from the lock screen

The Android lock screen has two shortcut icons pointing to applications by default. The idea is to provide users with quick access to the most used functions on Android.

  • Turn on your phone screen
  • Slide your finger on the phone handset shortcut icon
  • Then type in your unlock code or scheme

The dialer on your smartphone will launch automatically. You will be able to view your contacts' profiles or access the abbreviated numbering system in record time. This should save you a lot of time.