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Troubleshooting: how to activate an iPhone

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You just bought yourself an iPhone. Before enjoying your new high tech jewel, it will have to be started. But that's impossible to activate the iPhone. No matter how closely you follow the activation procedure, an alert message informs you that your iPhone cannot be activated. Here are some solutions that will allow you to configure your mobile without problems..

Getting started with an iPhone

Those who have had the chance to unpack an iPhone know how magical this moment is. But like any change, there are good and bad sides. The configuration phase can sometimes cause some problems.

It is therefore advisable to respect certain rules and to follow scrupulously the recommendations of Apple. This process is long but mandatory. It is impossible, for example, to use a brand new iPhone or a device that has been reset without going through the activation phase..

Note that there are several ways to activate an iPhone . Whichever method you use, you will need to make sure that you have correctly inserted the SIM card. Please note that the latest generations of iPhone use a special card format called Nano SIM.

Activate an iPhone using a Wi-Fi connection

It is by far the most used and easiest method to activate an iPhone. Before you start, make sure that your WiFi router or internet box does not use a MAC address filtering system . When this is activated, only devices whose MAC address has been previously entered will be able to access the internet..

  • Turn on your Apple smartphone
  • Choose your language and country image
  • Enter the date and time
  • Select the name of your WiFi access from the list image
  • Enter your wireless network password
  • Activate the location service if you wish image
  • The iPhone will then offer to restore your data image
  • Enter your Apple ID. If you do not have one, you will need to create one. image
  • Validate the terms of use image

Wait a few minutes for your iPhone to connect to Apple servers and complete the configuration process. Remember to create a security code to protect access to your phone and your data.

Activate iPhone via iTunes

Unable to activate your iPhone using your wireless network? Don't panic, you can configure your phone by connecting it to your computer. For this you will need to download the iTunes software. For those who have already installed it on their computer, make sure you have the latest version by clicking Help and then checking for updates.

  • Start your iPhone image
  • Set your language and country image
  • Then select the option connect to iTunes
  • Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable provided in the box
  • Select your configuration method (new phone or restore backup)
  • Follow the instructions on the screen

Most common errors encountered when activating iPhone

In case of problems, here are some solutions that will help you finalize the configuration of your iPhone.

Unrecognized SIM card

If you bought your used iPhone, make sure that this mobile is not blocked by an operator. Here is the procedure to unlock an iPhone. Also be sure to insert a valid SIM card. If in doubt, drag it to another phone.

Activation server refuses your request

In the majority of cases, the problem comes from the fact that Apple's servers are overloaded. Wait a few minutes and try again. You will find on this page various information on the state of Apple's servers and in particular of the iOs activation system.

Your device is blocked

Apple phones now have a security system that prevents them from being used even after a reset. If your mobile is a second hand, contact the seller so that he can provide you with the activation lock code.