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Skype Lite lands on Android

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A few days ago now, Microsoft announced the release of Skype Lite, a light version of its video conferencing and instant messaging application. This is news that should delight all those who use old Android smartphones or who benefit from a small mobile plan with little or no data..

Why a new version of Skype?

At a time when unlimited offers are multiplying, you may wonder why Microsoft is launching a lighter version of Skype ? Simply because not everyone has a state-of-the-art smartphone or a mobile plan with a large volume of data.

Added to this is the fact that some users of Android smartphones live in areas where network coverage is very poor or even non-existent. Even if operators have made great progress in recent years, rural areas and mountainous areas do not yet have a satisfactory mobile broadband connection ..

This is even more true in emerging countries. It was enough for Microsoft to finally decide to release a light version of its instant messaging application.

Skype Lite in detail

This Lite version takes the operating principle of Skype, but formatted to be lighter and suitable for Android. The primary objective of this new application is to allow areas that offer only low internet speed (2G) or smartphones with low power, to still benefit from the features of Skype..

This new application has been specially developed for India, whose rural and remote areas have very little data flow. However, Skype Lite can be very useful to you especially if you encounter compatibility problems with the official application.

With a weight not exceeding 13 MB, it wants to be faster than the official application (very heavy) while offering the same services including on low-speed networks like 2G. image You can use it almost anywhere and with any smartphone, even entry-level models. Finally last important point it is particularly economical in battery .

Unlike the original Skype, this Lite version only requires a low internet speed to turn properly and smoothly. So, if you are lost in an area that has very little network, you can continue to call your friends or send them messages. image This should appeal to all those who are used to going for hikes in remote regions or distant territories.

Install Skype Lite on your Android mobile

Unfortunately, Skype Lite is currently only for the Indian market. However, it is a safe bet that Microsoft will very soon make the effort to open its application to many other countries.

In the meantime, if you are interested in Skype Lite, know that you can download the application in APK format. The operation is very simple to perform and will only take you a few minutes. image

You still have to be careful when downloading the APK file. A few weeks ago the publisher Malwarebytes had detected the presence of malware within certain APK files of the Facebook Lite application. Once installed on the machine, the latter tried to retrieve all personal information from the phone and then send it to a server based in China.

This is an opportunity to remind you that you should always favor official application stores such as the Google Play Store. And if the application is not available in your country as it is for Skype Lite, it is absolutely necessary to turn to sites reputed to be reliable.