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Poweramp, an audio player for Android

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Poweramp was one of the first to offer an MP3 player on Android. The pioneer of multimedia players is back with a few improvements. This new audio application tries to revive the recipe that made the success of previous versions. So bet successful?

All in one audio players

In the audio applications mode, the best is often alongside the worst. With the emergence of streaming services, our music players have gradually transformed into real music management systems offering a lot of features..

Some are also real gas factories. It can be used to buy music, manage transfers of multimedia files to other devices, listen to music in streaming , launch podcasts and consult radio stations around the world.

Are these transformations beneficial for the user? Not always. The proliferation of features leads to an increase in the number of menus. As a result, the ergonomics of certain applications leave something to be desired. We know that designing a very complete audio tool for devices with screens smaller than 6 inches is not easy..

Poweramp MP3 player

image This is where the Poweramp application comes in. The design of the media player offers a clear and simple interface. Ergonomics was at the heart of the audio player creation process. Configuration, cover management, supported formats, lyrics support nothing was left to chance.

Reading interface

image During the first launch, we fall directly on the Library section. The different songs stored in the memory of your smartphone can be displayed in the form of a list or a carousel with all the album covers. If you miss the covers of some titles, the application will take care of them on the internet. image

Supported audio formats

Poweramp stands out from the competition when it comes to the type of files supported. Where most audio players are content to offer compatibility with only a few formats, Poweramp supports practically everything that exists (MP3, ACC, OGG, FLAC, WAV, APE, TTA, MPC, AIFF, WMA etc.) . Difficult to fault it..

Music lovers can also take advantage of the 10-band graphic equalizer, the white-free playback system and the separate bass and treble adjustment tool. image The application can also download the lyrics of the songs via the use of the Musixmatch plugin.

Only downside, Poweramp does not support the uPnP and DLNA protocols. It is therefore impossible to stream audio files from another machine connected to the same Wifi network. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions like BubbleUPnP on the Play Store.

Poweramp Full Version

As you can see, Poweramp is far from being an outdated application. Today it remains a very good choice knowing how to reconcile power and ease of use. Please note the free version allows you to test all the features of the audio player for 15 days.

The paid version is sold for 3.99 euros on the Play Store. It's up to you to see if Poweramp deserves such an investment. For us at getFastAnswer the answer is clearly yes.