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The best funny apps for the iPhone

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Because laughing is important, we have selected for you the funniest and most fun iPhone applications available on the App Store. Totally useless tools but which will quickly become totally essential. Whether it is to trap your friends or simply to distract yourself to forget the problems of life, the applications presented here will make you scream with laughter..

Laugh at others' misfortune

We all know that rejoicing in the misfortune of others is bad. But must admit it is very enjoyable. Who has never laughed when learning the galleys of a friend or a family member?

The VDM (Vie de Merde) application lists the tiles and misadventures of tens of thousands of Internet users. image Unsurprisingly, it is the anecdotes relating to romantic relationships that are the most successful. But there are also very funny stories about work or money


You are not finished reveling in the little worries of your fellow men. That's good, laughter helps to dispel dark thoughts and reduces stress and anxiety. It acts as a real anti-depressant without having the undesirable effects..

Gain tens of pounds in just a few seconds

Wondering what you could look like with a few extra pounds? Look no further, we have found the application you need. image Once installed on your iPhone, simply select a photo (of yourself or another person) and let the algorithms of the tool work.

Double chin, big cheeks, bare head nothing is missing. You can then send the fake photo to one of your friends, making them believe that you have gained some weight. image I know that some of you will be having a blast. Fatify - Jiggling fat face camera booth is an urgent download..

Back to the future

You all know the story of this brand new Plymouth Belvedere buried in 1957 in the city of Tulsa in the United States. The inhabitants of this small town of Oklahoma had deposited in the trunk various objects of current consumption. It was then unearthed 50 years later.

The application that we present to you today uses the same principle. Rest assured no one will ask you to bury your car. ThrowBack is actually a rather special photo application.

image Instead of saving the photo in the memory of your phone, this application will offer to send it to you by email in the future. The waiting period ranges from 1 month to 5 years. It's up to you when you receive this photo. This will allow you to use your iPhone as a sort of time machine.

Send an SMS written backwards

It is the most stupid and useless application we have ever encountered. And yet we at getFastAnswer love it. Already his name is absolutely impossible to pronounce: umop pisdn. Do not look for it is written backwards.

Why will you tell me? Simply because this application will allow you to send SMS, emails and messages with the text written backwards. Great for some, unbearable for others, umop pisdn leaves no one indifferent.

image Note that the application is capable of handling accented characters but also emojis. Please note, however, that certain messages do not always work when they are read on Android devices.

  • Download the app from the App Store by clicking on this link
  • Then launch umop pisdn
  • Type your text
  • At the bottom of the window you will see the rendering of your message with the letters upside down
  • Then select the application with which you want to send this text