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Music on YouTube: tip to preserve your battery

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Because we all once dreamed of being able to listen to music on YouTube while locking the screen of our smartphone, today I am revealing an incredible trick that will save your battery. You can enjoy the huge music library of YouTube without worrying about the autonomy of your mobile..

Music and YouTube

Not surprisingly, Google’s video sharing platform is one of the most visited sites in the world. And France is no exception to this rule. YouTube remains by far the undisputed leader of video on computer but also on mobile and tablet.

The figures published by the American giant have enough to make you dizzy. Every day internet users around the world spend more than a billion hours in front of YouTube. Among the most viewed videos there are beauty tutorials, sketches but also and above all video clips ..

Music and YouTube is an old love story. Since 2005, the date of its creation, the American site has delighted all music lovers. All genres are represented. Whether you are a fan of jazz, country, rap, techno, electro, pop, classical music, opera or any other music you will necessarily find your happiness. The video hosting platform has become the largest jukebox in the world to the chagrin of some rights holders.

Listen to music on your mobile

On the strength of its success on computers (PC, MAC), the American brand decided to launch a mobile application very early. Here too the success was immediate. With the arrival of 4G, mobile quickly became the most important relay for YouTube. 75% of video views are now done from a phone..

Obviously music videos remain very popular on this medium. Every day millions of Internet users use YouTube on their smartphones to listen to their favorite songs. But beware this solution is far from perfect.

Unlike paid music streaming services like Deezer, Spotify, or Apple Music, you won't be able to download the songs to your phone. It is therefore impossible to listen to music without an internet connection (WiFi or mobile plan). This is not without its problems, especially if you are used to taking the metro, traveling abroad or flying.

Enjoy YouTube without wasting your battery

The other major drawback of YouTube is that it is impossible to listen to music (video sound) while doing something else on your mobile (answering a text message, consulting your social networks). It must be admitted that it is very annoying.

Fortunately we find on the net, different applications to get around this restriction. In this tutorial, you will find a simple solution to set up to play a YouTube video in the background on an Android device.

Please note that this system does not allow you to use YouTube with the screen off . If you try to lock the screen of your mobile, the video sound will stop automatically. image This is all the more annoying as, as you know, the phone screen is by far the most energy-consuming component. Just leave YouTube running in the background to end up with a dead battery. Perhaps this mishap has already happened to you?

Obviously nothing prevents you from subscribing to a subscription to a music streaming service. It will solve all your problems. Fortunately, if these subscriptions are too expensive, there is a trick to playing a YouTube video with the screen off . Very easy to set up, it will allow you to save your battery and increase the autonomy of your smartphone.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Download and install Firefox for Android by clicking on this link
  • Then open your new mobile browser
  • Do not launch the YouTube app
  • In the URL bar enter the address of the video hosting site https://www.youtube.com/?hl=fr&gl=FR
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon and type the name of your favorite artist image
  • Select the song of your choice from the results list
  • Press the play button image

Once the music has started, press the On / Off button on your phone to turn off and lock your phone screen. Rest assured this operation will not affect the playback of the song. You can then store your phone in the pants pocket and continue listening to your music. YouTube will remain fully functional. You will gain several hours of autonomy while continuing to enjoy the huge music library of YouTube.