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Aldiko: free reader for Android

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Reading is one of the essential activities of the summer as well as sunbathing or the display of sunscreen. It is still necessary to have a suitcase large enough to put all the books that you decided to read during this summer period. And why not install a reading application like Aldiko on your smartphone? In addition to offering a large number of free books, this reader offers an ergonomic interface suitable for reading..

Aldiko, the app designed for reading

It's vacation time. You will finally be able to devour these novels that have made you want so much for several months. But are you really sure you can take them all? Sometimes the luggage is not large enough to store all your belongings. Let's be honest, we all know one day pissed off at a suitcase that refused to close?

To save space there are no secrets, you must either buy a new larger suitcase or lighten it. Why not take the opportunity to switch to the digital book . You will see that it is not very complicated.

Obviously the electronic book is far from being unanimous especially with library rats. But since the appearance of mobiles with XL screen, reading a book on your smartphone has become (almost) as pleasant as with a reading light or a paper book (the smell less). image And then with an application like Aldiko you will be able to control the style of the font, change the brightness of the screen and even search for the definition of a word without having to carry a heavy dictionary..

Download free books

Another advantage of the Aldiko reader: the online reading application offers access to Feedbooks. For the vast majority of you, this name will certainly mean nothing to you. And yet it is one of the largest libraries of free books. Obviously do not expect to be able to download the latest fashionable novel for free. On the other hand, you will be able to recover legally and without paying the slightest penny from the thousands of classics and royalty-free works.

Humor, novels, thriller, detective, short stories, poetry, science fiction, the choice is wide and varied. Aldiko offers simplified access to the different sections of the catalog. The latter is not limited only to free books in the public domain. image The Feedbooks online bookstore also offers bestsellers and all the latest news. But in these cases you will have to put your hand in the wallet..

What does the free version of Aldiko Book Reader allow?

Aldiko has multiple setting options to facilitate reading. You will not only be able to change the font size, color and type, but also the background color and the spacing between the lines. image Aldiko also has a very useful night mode especially if you are used to reading in a dimly lit room.

We also retain the possibility of highlighting text, automatic saving of the current page (bookmark function) and the possibility of quickly switching from one chapter to another. But the big plus is obviously the integration of the bookseller Feedbooks and these thousands of free or paid books. You will be able to acquire new works instantly wherever you are. Obviously this operation requires an internet connection (Wifi or 4G).

Aldiko's little faults

Although very complete, the application has at least two faults. Firstly it only supports two formats: ePub and PDF with or without DRM (Adobe lock). Even if these two formats together represent more than half of the market it is not much especially when you know that applications like Universal Book Reader supports more than 50 different formats.

Another complaint, the Aldiko application does not offer a backup system. It is therefore impossible to retrieve your books when you change your smartphone or tablet. It's a shame. The tools for transferring books from the library to cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) are very useful.

Finally regarding storage, be aware that the Aldiko application does not support SD cards. You will therefore not be able to install books on a memory card. Large readers with little storage space will therefore have to clean their virtual library regularly.