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Listening to music on Spotify while using Waze

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Start Waze navigation from Spotify
Connect Waze to Spotify


Music streaming application or GPS navigation tool: Android smartphone users will no longer have to choose. Waze now offers a tool allowing direct access to its Spotify playlists directly from the GPS interface. This should delight those who like to listen to music while driving..

Start Waze navigation from Spotify

Listening to your favorite tunes while following the instructions of your navigation application is no longer impossible. Swedish music streaming service Spotify and Waze have announced a strategic partnership. This agreement will allow you to listen to and change your songs directly from the Waze GPS application while taking advantage of GPS voice commands.

But that's not all. The agreement also provides for the possibility of following the directions of his journey directly from Spotify. The two companies have set out to offer their users a very deep integration of their services. image Please note, this feature requires that both applications be installed on your smartphone..

Note that for security reasons, access to Spotify playlists from the Waze application is blocked when the vehicle is moving. To review all of your titles, you will have to wait until your vehicle is completely stopped.

Connect Waze to Spotify

Start by installing the Waze and Spotify apps on your smartphone. If you already have these two apps, make sure they are up to date. Then then follow the next procedure..

  • Launch Spotify
  • Click on the Library icon in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Then press the Settings button at the top right
  • Scroll down the window until you find the Social section
  • Click on the Navigation Waze switch to activate the integration system
  • A message will prompt you to go to the Waze app and connect your account to Spotify
  • Then press the OK button to accept

The next time you launch the Waze GPS app, you will see a green Spotify icon at the top of the map. image By clicking on it, you will have access to the latest music played as well as to the playback control buttons (pause, next song and previous song).

Very important detail, this integration works in both directions. You can also follow Waze's directions directly from the Spotify app. image Note that to take advantage of this feature you will have to launch Waze in the background. An icon will also allow you to go directly from one application to another.