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How to create a website from your iPhone

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The iPhone offers a wide range of features. But when it comes to creating a website or updating web pages, you can't say it's the best tool you can find. However under certain conditions it can be very useful to create web pages from your Apple smartphone or iPad tablet. This is why we invite you to discover the tools available on the App Store to create a website from an iPhone..

Website editor for iPhone and iPad

Internet users spend an average of more than 4 hours a day online. With such figures, no business today can do without an online presence. Each company must have a website, if only for the visibility offered by this medium. The Internet has become essential for many sectors of activity.

It is therefore essential not to say essential to develop a site. Obviously not all companies have the same needs. Without going so far as to build an e-commerce site, there are many tools on the net to help you get started on the internet and create your own web pages..

Being present on the net without any programming knowledge

How many do you think you need to have solid knowledge of computer programming to create web pages? Not at all. Anyone can build a professional website today .

We find on the net many site editors very easy to take by hand. These tools do not require any particular technical skill. Some even offer to perform these tasks directly from a smartphone..

The iOs Universe application that we are going to present to you in this tutorial allows you to create light websites on your iPhone or iPad. It only takes a few minutes to put your web page online. image This tour de force is made possible in particular thanks to an interface adapted to mobiles and a large choice of graphic themes.

Make a website with the Universe app

With the Universe application, creating a website is child's play. First, you will need to download the application from the App Store: Universe - Website Builder. The creation of your storefront on the web begins with the choice of the domain name. The application offers free URLs with the Universe extension. image You can also reserve your own .com domain name. This option will cost you $ 2.99 per month. Please note this price varies depending on the extension chosen.

Custom domain subscriptions are done directly through your iTunes account. The amounts will then be automatically withdrawn each month. You can cancel this subscription at any time 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Create web pages in minutes

Now that you have your internet address, you will have to move on to creating your page. For this Universe provides you with several templates. image Important detail, the graphic themes offered in the app have been specially designed for mobiles. That is to say, they automatically adapt to the screen size of Internet users' devices.

Once you have chosen the design of your page, you will be able to start adding text, photos and even videos. Everything is done from the interface via simple drag and drop. No code to enter. You can even choose the font type, color and size of your text.

image At the end of the creation process, your site will be directly online. Obviously this tool is not intended for large organizations or developers wishing to build complex websites. The management of the site is then done from the iPhone.