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How to tell if a friend is no longer following you on Snapchat

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Snapchat offers many features for exchanging and communicating with friends. However, the social network has nothing to keep their users informed as soon as a person withdraws from their friends list. It is rather annoying. Fortunately there is a trick to know for sure if someone has deleted you from their Snapchat account..

Breaking virtual friendships on Snapchat

As absurd as it may seem, many of us want to know the names of the people who decided to remove us from their Snapchat friends list. It must be said that social networks have taken such importance in our lives in recent years. We share our vacation photos, our moments of joy but also small video sequences.

This is why after an argument, a romantic separation many do not hesitate to remove the unwanted from their list of friends. It's simple, fast and completely painless. Behind a computer, you can afford to ignore the other without feeling too guilty..

Find out who is no longer following you on Snapchat

We receive dozens of more or less useful notifications on Snapchat every day. However, we never receive a notification as soon as a person no longer follows us. Detecting signals of a ban on Snapchat is a particularly difficult task.

Unlike other social networks, it is quite possible to send messages to contacts who have decided not to follow us anymore (unless of course this one has blocked you). The fact of not receiving responses to his requests therefore proves nothing. Your friend may just refuse to read them..

Find your friends' Snapcore

Are you constantly wondering if your ex or your old acquaintance has broken all virtual friendship on Snapchat with you? Take a look at this tutorial. We explain how to satisfy your curiosity.

  • Launch the Snapchat app
  • Click on the Snapchat icon at the top of the window to the left of the search field
  • Press the My friends button
  • Keep your finger pressed on the name of the person you suspect has ignored you on Snapchat

This manipulation will allow you to display your friend's Snapcode (yellow ghost icon). If you follow each other, you will see his Snapscore profile appear below his profile. image It is actually a figure counting the number of snaps sent and received. If, on the other hand, your acquaintance has decided to delete you from his list of friends, the Snapscore will be hidden. image

Obviously it's never a pleasure to learn that a person simply ejected us from their Snapchat friends. Each of us once experienced separation. Above all, be careful not to over-react. This will only accentuate the feeling of rejection. You have to get used to it, today friendship is more than a simple button.