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Replay: the FranceTV Pluzz app gives way to France.TV

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Overhaul of France Télévisions digital offer
Catch-up TV and VoD
Replay available 30 minutes after the first broadcast


The France Télévisions group is modernizing its replay platform. New name, new design and new services. Exit therefore the extended name of FranceTV Pluzz. The new application for VoD, replays, live and digital entertainment will be called France.tv. A simple and strong name that embodies the new ambitions of France Télévisions in the digital world..

Overhaul of France Télévisions digital offer

French TV channels had to review their strategies to cope with the new habits of viewers and the rise of Netflix. Because today television is no longer necessarily consumed live in the living room.

In the age of smartphones, 4G, streaming and social networks, competition has become increasingly strong. The time spent in front of a smartphone now supplants that spent in front of the television. In order to retain their viewers, the big chains had no choice but to invest massively in digital..

France Télévisions has decided to upgrade its catch-up television platform . A strong sign of this change: the FranceTV Pluzz application is definitely bowing out. After years of loyal service, it has been replaced by the France.TV app. image The latter will offer all of the group's content (shows, cartoons, magazines, series), as well as exclusive videos, a VoD service and viewing of live channels .

Replay available 30 minutes after the first broadcast

From a technical point of view, the application has been completely revised. The interface has gained in simplicity and user-friendliness. The menus and the home screen have been completely revised to improve ergonomics. These numerous cosmetic changes allow faster access to the various programs offered..

But that's not all. To better meet the habits of viewers, program replays will be available 30 minutes after their first broadcast, compared to 4 hours before. Note that the videos will remain online for free for one week.

Catch-up TV and VoD

With the launch of France.TV, the French audiovisual group wanted to combine replay but also its VoD service in a single interface. Did you miss the last issue of Bring in the Accused? Do not panic. To view a program or a report, simply download the France.TV app from the Play Store and then open an account.

image This completely free operation will allow you to have access to all the programs of the channels of France Televisions but also to benefit from the new functionality called screen tracking . With it, you can start watching a video on one device (PC, smartphone or tablet) and then resume a little later on another, where you were.

image The France.TV application has a module of personalized recommendations based on user tastes. Finally, be aware that in the more or less near future, the app will integrate a direct control tool as well as a system allowing orders to be placed using voice (voice command).