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Secret codes: access hidden information from Android

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The Android mobile operating system has many hidden features, inaccessible from the settings menu. However, many of them may be of great service to you. This is why we offer you the list of the main secret codes for Android smartphones..

What are secret codes for?

Secret codes have been implemented on Android in order to obtain information on the technical characteristics of a device without having to consult the serial number. These codes can for example be used to obtain the IMEI number of a telephone, the MAC address of the Wifi or Bluetooth module but also to check if the telephone is blocked (Simlocker).

Certain codes also make it possible to test the various components of the smartphone . These diagnostic tools are used for example to detect a fault on the touch screen, the proximity sensor, the microphone or even the speakers..

Even if most of these codes are not dangerous for your smartphone, some can modify the configuration of your mobile or even delete all the data on the device. These secret codes must therefore be used with the greatest caution.

You should make a full backup of your smartphone to avoid any inconvenience. getFastAnswer and the author of this article cannot be held responsible in the event of problems, blockage or malfunction following the use of these codes. Use it at your own risk..

How Android secret codes work

The control codes are presented as a series of numbers preceded by the pound sign. To use them, simply launch the Phone application (dialer) on your Android, activate the telephone keypad then enter the codes as if you were typing a telephone number. image The information is automatically displayed in a small window in the middle of the screen.

Please note that the codes available in this article do not work on all smartphones. So do not be surprised if some of them are not recognized by your device. Similarly, some smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have a few specific codes.

Codes to get information on your Android

This is certainly the most used secret code category since it is here that you will be able to obtain the technical characteristics of your smartphone .

  • Get your phone's IMEI number: * # 06 # image
  • Display the MAC address of your device: * # * # 232338 # * # *
  • Various technical information on your smartphone (battery, Wi-Fi, etc.): * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • Display the firmware number of the Android version: * 44336 #
  • Technical information on the touchscreen model: * # 2663 #

Test the components of your smartphone

Do you have a doubt about one of the components of your smartphone? Unable to connect your phone via Bluetooth? Unable to get your GPS coordinates? Before resetting your Android, already start by testing the different components of your mobile to make sure that they work properly.

  • Test the screen of your mobile: * # * # 0 * # * # *
  • Start the GPS test procedure: * # * # 1472365 # * # *
  • Check the operation of your light sensor: * # 0589 #
  • Do a Bluetooth test: * # * # 232331 # * # *
  • Test the sound output of your device: * # 0673 #

If one of the tests offered here does not work, be aware that there are applications on the Play Store capable of performing a complete diagnosis of all the components of your smartphone. To learn more, I invite you to consult this article: how to perform a complete diagnosis of an Android mobile

If you know of other codes, feel free to post them in the comments located just below this article.