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10 new features of iOS 11 to test absolutely

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The latest version of iOS 11 has been available for free download for several days. This update to the iPhone operating system is once again full of very interesting new features. Here are the 10 new features of iOS 11 that have impressed us the most..

The novelties not to be missed from iOS 11

After several months of development Apple has officially launched iOs 11, the latest version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad. As is often the case with Apple, this update is packed with new features. In order to help you find your way around, getFastAnswer has decided to concoct a short summary of the most important new features in iOS 11 .

Use the keyboard with one hand

With the fashion of large XXL screens, handling a smartphone with one hand has become increasingly difficult if not impossible. The diagonal of the tiles requires a firmer grip. This is not without causing some problems when it comes to writing a message, an SMS or a Facebook post..

Aware of this problem, Apple has implemented a new function called Quicktype . Once activated, the latter will automatically reduce the size of the keyboard. The keys will then move closer to your thumb to make it easier to grab a hand.

  • Launch an application requiring the touch keyboard
  • Keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on the emoji key
  • Select one-handed entry mode for left or right handed

A new Siri

The release of iOS 11 brings new features to Siri. For example, you can ask the voice assistant to translate a sentence into one of the five languages ​​available (French, Chinese, German, Italian or Spanish) without having to enter any text. image Only problem, the sentences must be dictated in English. There is no doubt that Apple is currently working on a new version allowing the use of other languages..

Some people are reluctant to talk on their smartphones on the street. If you are one of these people, know that iOS 11 has a new function allowing you to chat with Siri in text mode. Requests are then made in writing and no longer out loud.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Click on General then on Accessibility and finally on Siri
  • Select the Write to Siri option

The App Store gets a facelift

After nine years of good and loyal service, Apple has completely redesigned the interface of its application store. This latest frame gives pride of place to the contents. image The Today tab will highlight a game or an application every day.

The App Store is also enriched with a new magazine section in which users can find tips and tricks to get the most out of their device. Note the disappearance of the wish list function.

QR codes

With iOS 11, the iPhone can now read QR codes (a small drawing resembling a crossword puzzle) without the user having to install a specific application. Everything is done directly from the Camera app on the Apple smartphone. To do this, simply point the iPhone sensor at the QR code.

The information related to the code will automatically display at the top of the mobile screen. Whether it is a web link or a contact form, iOs will then offer to open it with the appropriate application (Safari web browser, address book, etc.). Important detail, the function of reading QR codes is activated by default on iOs 11. For those who wish to deactivate it, you just have to follow this procedure

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click Photos and Camera
  • Press the switch to turn off the Scan QR Codes option

The Photo app

Portrait mode now supports optical image stabilization, HDR mode and the True Tone Flash option. But that's not all. Thanks to iOs 11 and the integration of a new high compression codec (HECV), the videos taken with the photo sensor of last iPhone models (namely the 7, the 7 plus and higher versions) will occupy less memory space while maintaining impeccable quality.

This change in encoding should delight addicts to 4K video and all those who have an iPhone with limited storage space. As a reminder, a one minute 4K video requires 375 MB of memory against 130 MB for the same video in FullHD 1080p.

New features designed for the iPad

Seven years ago, Apple revolutionized the mobile device industry by unveiling the very first touch pad that was only controlled by fingers and no longer with a stylus. But the evolution of smartphones whose screen has not stopped growing and the little innovation brought to this type of product have caused that sales of the iPad have gradually collapsed.

With iOS 11, the iPad is making a comeback. Its interface adopts the Mac dock and can now accommodate not four but several dozen applications. Users can also more easily switch from one application to another thanks to the integration of a new multitasking manager.

Drag and drop and file manager

IPad users have been clamoring for several years for the arrival of a drag-and-drop function. It is now done. This new function will allow you to move text, an image or files between different applications in the blink of an eye.

image But that's not all. Apple's new mobile operating system also has a file manager. No, no, you're not dreaming. You will finally be able to display all the files present on your device within the same interface.