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How to uninstall Samsung Knox on your phone

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Knox, the mobile security solution from the Korean giant Samsung has been specially developed to improve data protection on an Android smartphone. But here everyone does not necessarily need a hardware encryption system or even a secure interface. It is precisely for this reason that we are going to reveal a tip for you to uninstall Knox on your Samsung smartphone..

Remove Samsung Knox from your mobile

To cope with the proliferation of computer attacks, Samsung has developed its own Knox security solution. This little-known platform for the general public makes it possible to hermetically separate personal and professional data.

For this Knox has its own secure Android desktop, with its applications and widgets. All the information stored in this second environment is obviously encrypted in order to guarantee total confidentiality of data and communications..

You will understand, the Knox platform is primarily intended for companies or people using their phone in a professional context (consultation of the office email). Even if the Samsung system proves to be particularly effective, not everyone will necessarily use it.

image Fortunately there is an official method (without root) to get rid of Knox. This works on most smartphones sold by Samsung..

  • Open the application drawer and look for the Knox icon in the list
  • Then launch the Samsung security app
  • Look for the menu button (3 points) in the upper right corner of the window
  • Click on it
  • Select the parameters section
  • Tap on uninstall option

Wait a few seconds and then restart your phone to finalize the removal of Knox. It is no more complicated than that. You can then resume normal use of your smartphone.

Back up data stored in Knox

When uninstalling Knox, you may be prompted to back up all data stored in Samsung's secure space

  • Click Save Now
  • Then enter the login ID to Knox
  • Press the continue button
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Click on continue to start saving your Knox data

Important detail, only photos, videos, contacts, music tracks and calendars will be saved. Those who fear losing important emails will need to set up a manual backup of their email.

What does Samsung Knox really protect?

Before removing Knox from your smartphone, ask yourself this question. Is my phone secure? As we know, the Android system does not enjoy an extraordinary reputation in this area unlike its competitor Apple.

The number of malware targeting Google’s mobile operating system has grown considerably in recent years. According to a study conducted at the start of the year, an Android smartphone is three times more likely to be hacked than an iPhone.

The security solution from Samsung implanted in the Android system offers many advantages. The latest version of Knox 2.0 now allows you to manage multiple virtual desktops. But that's not all. The number of applications compatible with this data protection system has increased considerably.

Duplicate the applications of your choice

In addition, Knox allows you to use multiple sessions of the same Android application on a single phone. You can for example use multiple Facebook accounts from your smartphone. This is far from uninteresting especially when you know that the vast majority of games and social networks do not offer multi-user mode.

image Note that Samsung has officially launched the Secure Folder application. It is a new security solution aimed at replacing Knox. Apart from adding a few functionalities, the operating principle remains the same. You can always create a secure environment in which you will put all your sensitive data and applications.