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5 tips to save a dropped smartphone

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Electronic equipment and more particularly smartphones appreciate water moderately. Unfortunately no one is immune to a fall or an awkward gesture. A spilled cup of coffee, a second of inattention in the bathroom, in short an accident happened very quickly. Saving a smartphone that has fallen into the water is entirely possible, provided you adopt the right reflexes..

Immediately take your mobile out of the water and shut it down

To force to play with your smartphone in the toilet or the bathroom, it was necessary that one day it happens: your superb mobile phone has been soaking in the bathtub or worse in the toilet bowl. Do not laugh this type of accident does not happen only to others. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to own a waterproof phone .

If your phone falls into the water, you will need to remove it as quickly as possible from this hostile environment. You will only have a few seconds to act. image No time to ask questions about how to recover a phone that has fallen into the toilet without getting your hands dirty. You have to go for it, so does the survival of your precious mobile..

First of all, you should turn off your phone, being careful not to press the button too hard. In fact, you risk bringing the water in more deeply. Then put your phone in a dry and if possible clean towel. Wait a few minutes.

Remove the battery and SIM card

Please do not try to switch on your smartphone again, this could cause a short circuit. Be patient. Everything in its time. image If possible, remove the battery and the SIM card, then with a thick paper towel (Sopalin type), dab the very wet areas to remove the excess water. Do not rub, you risk spreading the water..

The rice sack technique

Once everything is almost dry, we will now take care of the interior of the device. And that's where things get complicated. Unless you have an industrial dehumidifier or small bags of silica gel, it will be particularly difficult to dry the water infiltrated in the smartphone .

Fortunately, there is a much less expensive and almost as effective solution: the rice sachet. No, no this is not a joke. Rice is not only a cereal very rich in nutritional food, but it can also be used as a moisture absorber . Besides, our grandparents used this technique to store salt without it getting wet.

  • Take an airtight bag such as a freezer bag or a bowl
  • Place your smartphone inside
  • Then fill the bag with raw (dry) rice, being careful to pour only whole grains and not rice dust
  • Then place the plastic bag in a dry area
  • Leave your smartphone in the rice bag for at least 24 hours or even 48 hours

The cereal will then absorb all the moisture contained in the electrical components. This method will promote the evaporation of water and thus avoid the risk of corrosion of electronic circuits.

After 48 hours of waiting, remove the phone from the rice bag. Make sure it is completely dry. Then replace the battery and try to start it. If your smartphone refuses to turn back on, plug it into the charger. The battery may well be completely discharged or dead.

You should know that a smartphone dropped into the water, even just a few seconds, has very little chance of getting away with it. If your device reboots, take the opportunity to recover all your personal data. Water has certainly already started its work. Electronic circuits can rust very quickly.

What you should never do

There are lots of tips on the net for cleaning a device that has fallen into water. Be careful, some of the advice is dangerous and can make the situation worse. This is the case, for example, with the hair dryer or the radiator. We will explain to you why it is a false good idea.

Do not use the hair dryer

The electronic components of the smartphone hate heat. This is particularly the case for the battery. It is therefore better to avoid exposing it to a heat source such as a radiator or worse an oven. Also avoid the hair dryer. The heat produced by this device may damage or even melt certain components of your phone.

Similarly, it is preferable not to use the cold air function of your hair dryer. Indeed, the air generated by the device risks bringing the water even deeper inside your smartphone.

Guarantee and immersion in water

The manufacturer's contractual warranty does not cover this type of accident. Unless you have taken out specific insurance, you can make a cross on your phone. And don't try to cheat on after-sales service. Manufacturers have fitted their devices with small humidity sensors that change color when in contact with a liquid.

Technicians can easily detect devices that have fallen into water. Also avoid dismantling your smartphone by yourself, your warranty may lapse.