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iPhone: check the autonomy of its wireless headphones

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Bluetooth headsets are fitted with a battery to supply power to the radio wave receiver. Without autonomy, it is impossible to listen to your favorite music. To avoid an unexpected shutdown of your wireless headphones, better monitor the battery level of the Bluetooth accessories connected to your iPhone with the greatest attention..

Display the autonomy of your Bluetooth headset

The quality of sound provided by wireless headphones has steadily improved in recent years. Latest generation headsets allow you to isolate yourself from the outside world and enjoy music from your iPhone.

However, this type of headset is not free from faults, starting with the autonomy of its battery. Wireless headphones should be charged regularly. If you leave your home in the morning with a low battery, you may not be able to listen to your music for very long..

You must periodically monitor the battery level of your helmet. Whether it is to watch a good movie on the train or listen to the last album of his favorite artist on the bus, you must always make sure that your headphones have sufficient autonomy.

Once the connection is established with a Bluetooth accessory, your iPhone will display a battery icon at the top of the screen in the status bar. Unfortunately the information from this gauge remains imprecise..

The icon may indicate that there is ¼ of autonomy remaining when in fact the actual value is much lower, thus causing the headset or your Bluetooth accessories to stop unexpectedly. Fortunately, your iPhone's mobile operating system now offers a tool to display the percentage of remaining battery of each Bluetooth device connected to your phone.