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Our selection of the 3 best translation applications

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Whether you are on vacation abroad or on a business trip to another country, the translation application is one of the essentials to have on your smartphone. These little technological marvels can be of great service to you. In this article, we offer a selection of the top three translation apps..

Turn your smartphone into a pocket translator

Who remembers the phrasebooks ? You know, those little books full of tips and tricks that allowed you to ask directions to a passerby, find accommodation or place an order in a restaurant.

Like many tools (alarm clock, stopwatch, walkman), the conversation guide has been completely ringed by smartphones. Today with a simple translation application, we can easily translate messages, articles, menus in a restaurant and even what a person tells us by voice..

Translate conversations in real time

Because an example is better than a long explanation, here is a concrete case. Imagine that you are in a restaurant in Italy. You do not know what to order? You launch your virtual translation assistant and then approach your smartphone from your mouth. You talk: what do you recommend as a dish?

You then hand your phone over to the restaurant server so that he can listen to the translation of your sentence in Italian. The server answers you in its native language and a few seconds later you will get the voice translation.

Obviously, machine translation tools do not always offer perfect results. We know that French is a difficult language. Automated systems sometimes find it very difficult to grasp its intricacies. Their algorithms are often wrong. You are therefore likely to come across misinterpretations, approximations or worse, inconsistent sentences..

Either way, translation apps can be very useful abroad especially if you travel a lot. And then these last ones do not stop progressing in particular thanks to the development of artificial intelligence.

Google Translate

To make yourself understood abroad, you will need to install a translation application on your smartphone. There are dozens of them. Google Translate is certainly the best known and most used tool in the world.

The application of the American giant offers various tools to help you overcome the language barrier. For example, you can enter the text to be translated directly from the keyboard of your smartphone. You can also dictate it by voice by clicking on the small microphone placed on the interface. Problem, it is not always easy to pronounce words correctly in a language that you do not master.

Fortunately, Google Translate has a scanner function capable of locating the words to translate in a photo. To use it, just take your phone and place the photo sensor in front of the text you want to translate. The application will then display its translation in the language of your choice.

image Finally last important point, Google Translate works even without internet connection thanks to its offline mode. You will just have to download the dictionary before going abroad. Don't hesitate to consult our guide to essential tips for Google Translate

Interpreter, voice translator

The Interpreter application covers no less than 60 different languages. This should allow you to get by in many countries of the world. Like its illustrious American competitor, Interprète has two modes of use. image The translation can be done either by voice dictation or by entering the text with the touch keyboard of your phone.

It can be used as well to translate articles, texts as a conversation. Each translation is saved on the device so that you can consult it later. Only defect, Interpreter requires an internet connection to function. So beware of roaming charges. Using your smartphone outside the borders of your country can be very expensive.

Microsoft Translator

You've probably never heard of Microsoft Translator. And yet it is probably one of the best translation apps available on Android. If you travel a lot or want to learn a foreign language, it will quickly prove to be essential.

Its use is particularly simple. You will be able to chat with several individuals thanks to the multilingual conversation mode. You can also take advantage of the transliteration guide to improve your pronunciation and language skills. image Finally, last important point, Microsoft Translator includes a tool to automatically translate the text contained in apps without having to re-enter it.