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How to open the SIM card drawer without the extraction tool

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Who among you has never experienced the mishap of finding yourself unable to open the SIM hatch on your smartphone because you cannot find the tool dedicated to this task. Even if we take all the precautions in the world, it is very difficult not to lose this piece as it is so small. Do not panic, if you can not get your hands on it, there are solutions to open the SIM card drawer of a mobile without the eject tool provided by the manufacturer..

Easily remove the SIM card from your smartphone

Since the giants of the mobile telephony have chosen to no longer market smartphones equipped with a removable battery, the slot dedicated to the SIM card is now on the edge of the devices and no longer on the back. image It is protected from dust and humidity by a small plastic hatch.

This major change has led manufacturers to completely rethink the way users swipe the SIM card on their phones. The chip is now placed in a compartment resembling a small plastic drawer. To prevent it from opening inadvertently, the manufacturers have developed a closure system..

image The safety device is unlocked using a metal ejection tool in the form of a tuning fork. Its small size and extreme finesse make the operation difficult to perform. If you are traveling abroad or for some reason you want to change your SIM card to use your mobile on another network, you will need to follow the following procedure.

  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Locate the SIM card drawer
  • Insert the tip of the extraction tool into the small hole to unlock the hatch closure
  • Push gently to remove the drawer from its location. Be careful not to apply too much pressure
  • Grasp the plastic object and remove the SIM card from the compartment
  • Place your second SIM card on the support, taking care to respect the mounting direction indicated on the drawer. If it does not fit, make sure you have the correct SIM card format
  • Replace the hatch

Please note, the drawer containing the SIM card is an extremely fragile part. It can break easily when mishandled. It is therefore advisable to act with the greatest precaution and never to force. If you damage it, you will no longer be able to correctly insert your SIM card and therefore benefit from your 4G subscription..

Replace the SIM card ejection tool with an everyday object

Unfortunately the vast majority of manufacturers only supply one pin. It is far too little especially that its size makes it easy to lose. And as you know, it's always when you need something that you can't find it.

In the rest of this article, you will find different ideas for removing the chip from your phone with everyday objects. image You don't realize it, but we all have countless small utensils and tools at home that can be used to replace the SIM card drawer extraction tool.


In real life, the paper clip is used to hold a wad of sheets of paper. This kind of small removable clip can also be used as a SIM door opening tool. You just have to be careful to choose your trombone. In fact, the models covered with plastic have dimensions that are too large to properly enter the hole used to extract the chip.

Pin or needle

Without being an expert in sewing, you probably have one or more sewing needles at the bottom of a closet. Be careful, unlike the paper clip, the end of the pin or needle is pointed. Its tip could damage your phone. Neither getFastAnswer nor the author of this article can be held responsible for any problems that arise as a result of using one of these methods.