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What are the best Lite versions of Android apps

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Is your smartphone getting slower and your battery draining very quickly? Some of your friends recommend that you install the light version of your applications. What are these new apps and what are they for? Here is our special guide to see more clearly in the so-called Lite applications..

Why use a light version of your favorite apps

Initially intended for emerging countries, the light versions of Android applications are enjoying some success in our countries, despite the democratization of 4G. So why such a craze?

As you will quickly understand, the advantages of these so-called light apps are manifold. First, they can be used on devices that are not very powerful and have little RAM. In addition, they are compatible with almost all versions of Android even the oldest.

And above all, these apps have the immense advantage of being able to function even if the internet connection is unstable or of poor quality. Because as you know, mobile access often has a hard time being up to the task. Saturated traffic, insufficient speed, significant latency, all operators do not offer the same quality of service as in the city center or in the countryside..

Obviously, the so-called light applications will not allow you to have a more efficient connection but they will avoid many congestion problems. They have been designed to consume less mobile data without degrading the user experience.

To achieve this feat, most applications use a data compression tool . Images and videos are not displayed automatically, which makes it possible, for example, to load Facebook pages or news feed more quickly..

The flaws of Lite applications

By focusing on simplicity, the developers were forced to make a whole series of concessions. These tools are generally less rich in functionality than their big brothers. Side interface, it is the minimum union. The menus seem straight from another era. Lite applications offer basic interfaces so that the user can access the main functions with one click.

Another problem, these light versions are rarely available directly from the French version of the Google application store. To benefit from these lighter applications , you will have to turn to sites offering APK downloads.

The best Lite apps

Now that you know what Lite apps are, let's go over the most recent versions. Once installed on your smartphone, they will allow you to use less bandwidth while taking up less space in the internal memory of your device.

Messenger Lite

Are you looking for a chat app that focuses on the essentials? Facebook Messenger Chat should interest you. Originally launched for countries that do not have mobile broadband, the light version of Messenger offers a simplified interface, even a little dated, but terribly effective.

You will be able to communicate with all your friends very easily and regardless of the quality of your internet connection. By cons do not expect to use photo filters or make video calls with Messenger Lite. These two features are absent from the application just like the bot tool.

YouTube Go

Who has never dreamed of downloading YouTube videos to their mobile in order to make up for the poor connection quality? With the YouTube Go application, the American giant Google allows you to recover a video in order to view it offline. Once the video is saved in the memory of your mobile, you can even share it with your friends via Bluetooth.

Facebook Lite

The light version of the famous Facebook application is a benchmark. If you're looking for a way to speed up your smartphone while saving your mobile plan data, this is the app for you. You will find a full description of how Facebook Lite works.