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How to monitor your child's Android smartphone

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Cyberbullying, scams, online predators, harassment, the dangers on the internet have multiplied in recent years. And as always children are on the front line. Fortunately there are apps to set limits and prevent the youngest from doing anything with their Android smartphone..

Why should we secure children's internet browsing

Insulting messages, mockery, degrading publications are booming on the net. Besides, some experts no longer hesitate to talk about Far Web. And don't think it only happens to others. Each year, harassment affects more than 700,000 children in France alone.

A simple message or photo sent to the wrong person can sometimes ruin the life of a young adolescent for many years. If in the past mockery did not come out of the schoolyard, today with social networks and messaging applications the phenomenon has taken on a whole new scale..

Faced with this hatred, the youngest are totally destitute. Fortunately, it is now possible to monitor the online activities of your children and even prevent them from calling or sending messages to certain people.

iChaper parental control app

Needless to say, there are countless parental control apps on the internet. Obviously not all are created equal. If you are looking for a complete security suite capable of controlling your child's phone use, you can opt for iChaper..

This application has a whole battery of functionality. You can for example choose the people with whom he can communicate, define time slots during which your child can use his smartphone but also limit calls, SMS and applications (games, networks, messaging).

Like most parental control software, iChaper integrates different filters to protect your children from shocking , obscene or inappropriate content circulating on the net.

In addition, in addition to these navigation filters, the parental control application offers an emergency button function, remote erasure of data in the event of theft and a geolocation system to find out where your child is. real time.

Track the movements of their offspring in real time

You can also define safe virtual zones. So as soon as your child goes beyond this limit, the application will automatically send you a message. Convenient to know if he left school or finished his sports class.

The iChaper application works with all Android smartphones, regardless of the telephone operator. Note that the parental control service is billed at 19.90 euros per year. The license allows you to manage up to 5 Android smartphones or tablets. Important detail, you get 15 days free during your first installation.