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How to secure your Twitter account

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Change your Twitter account password


When you think of security on the internet, you immediately think of your bank accounts, your mailboxes but rarely your social accounts. And yet the damage caused by hackers can have very serious consequences. This guide explains how to strengthen the security of your Twitter account by activating double authentication..

Change your Twitter account password

Like any computer system, your Twitter account is not immune to intrusion or attack by a hacker. Imagine what could happen to you if someone with malicious intent took control of your Twitter account.

It could send private messages or post tweets that could damage your reputation. This would affect your personal and professional life. To avoid disappointment, it is better to take precautions..

The most important thing to do is to change your password regularly. It is the most effective and simplest security measure to implement. But unfortunately few people think about it.

  • Open the Twitter app
  • Log into your account using your credentials
  • Tap on your profile picture on the left side of the window
  • Select the parameters and confidentiality section
  • Tap the account option
  • Click on the password section
  • Enter your current password
  • Then enter your new password

Be very careful when choosing your password. You should never use the same identifier on several websites or web services. Here are some tips for creating a really secure password..