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5 tips to enjoy free WiFi wherever you are

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Today it is difficult to do without the internet. Bank, itinerary, music, administrative procedures everything is done on the net. How about being able to benefit from a free unlimited internet connection wherever you are? Here are 5 tips for having free WiFi outside your home..

Internet: a vital everyday tool

In an ultra-connected world, the internet has become as essential as water or electricity. Who could live without an internet connection ? The answer is clearly no one. Digital has invaded our daily lives and all spheres of our life.

Most daily tasks are spent on the net. Today we pay our bills, we do our shopping, we consult our bank accounts, we make an appointment with our doctor from our smartphone or computer..

Technology accompanies our travels, particularly via phones and tablets. And even on vacation, the mobile users that we are have a hard time picking up. Everyone agrees that the internet is essential. So necessarily the lack of connection is difficult to manage.

Shopping centers and Wifi

We all dream of being able to enjoy free broadband internet access. And that, malls and department stores have understood. We can no longer count the number of shops offering free WiFi terminals ..

If you are used to shopping in large centers such as hypermarkets, do not hesitate to ask the hostesses. They will explain the procedure to follow to connect to the store's Wi-Fi network. image Generally this service is 100% free. The brands know that WiFi is a magnet for customers.

Wireless network of mobile operators

We don't often think about it and yet most mobile operators have a Wi-Fi network made up of millions of hotspots scattered all over the country. Whether you are on vacation, traveling or in a train station you will easily find high speed wireless internet access.

If you are a Free customer, I invite you to read this tutorial: how to connect your mobile to the FreeWifi Secure network. Orange subscribers can find the list of all hotspots by consulting this interactive map. Here is the SFR WiFi card. Note that access to these Wi-Fi hotspots is generally included in mobile plans. Do not hesitate to inquire with your operator's customer service.

Internet access on vacation

Hotels, campsites, holiday clubs, restaurants, libraries and even amusement parks make free Wi-Fi access available to their customers. Speak to a member of staff and ask them for the access code to connect to the wireless network.

Please note that some hotels have taken the bad habit of charging this service in addition to the price of the room. Inquire before. This will prevent you from having an unpleasant surprise when paying for your stay.

Share your 4G connection

A friend or family member may have an unlimited 4G connection or a plan with a very large data envelope. Why not ask him to share it with you?

Today all Android smartphones can manage tethering (connection sharing). Once set up, your friend's phone will turn into a mobile hotspot. Then you just need to activate the Wifi option on your smartphone and connect to your friend's laptop as you do with your internet box. You can find more info here: Share the 4G connection of your smartphone.

How to find free hotspots abroad

If you are frequent travelers and you are used to going to the other side of the world, you have certainly already had to go in search of a free hotspot . But far from home, it is not always easy to find a free internet connection.

image Fortunately to help you in this difficult task, there are today many applications listing all the free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world. This is particularly the case with the Instabridge application.

Here you now have all the hand cards to stay connected to the internet wherever you are and without paying a single penny. Note that most public Wi-Fi hotspots available in restaurants, fast food outlets and shopping centers do not offer any encryption system. Anyone can steal your data. Remember to equip yourself with a VPN solution to secure your internet connection. It's safer.