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Selection of Hand Spinner apps for Android smartphones

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It is the trend of the year. After invading most European countries, the Hand Spinner, a kind of high tech spinning top is sweeping the hexagon. And no sector is immune, not even Android smartphones. Here is our selection of the best Hand Spinner simulators and other apps


The origins of the Hand Spinner

This little spinning top with its rotating ball bearing mechanism is all the rage in all playgrounds. Few children under the age of 15 do not have one. And yet this toy (also called Fidget Spinner) is far from new.

Indeed, the very first Hand Spinner was born in the United States in 1997. Its creator, Catherine Hettinger designed and produced this curious top in order to help hyperactive or autistic children to fix their attention. This tool is currently used by many therapists around the world to channel energy and combat the anxiety of their patients..

But thanks to the internet and more particularly to YouTube and social networks, this accessory has gone far beyond the simple medical framework. In a few weeks, we have seen hundreds of tutorials specialized in the art of handling this curious little object with three branches flourish on the canvas. image The craze is such that several American schools had to simply prohibit their students from bringing Hand Spinner to class.

Where to buy your Hand Spinner

Hundreds of Hand Spinner references can now be found in stores and on e-commerce sites. But beware not all are created equal. Some models have ceramic bearings, others have stainless steel. The Hand Spinner first prices, sold for just 5 euros generally use plastic-based materials while the more expensive models offer frames in brass, copper, brushed aluminum or even titanium..

Another criterion to take into account, the rotation time . Their duration can vary from one minute to four minutes depending on the type of ball bearing used. Also pay attention to the number of branches.

Some models only offer two, while the vast majority of Hand Spinner have three or even four branches. Obviously the sensations in hand will be very different. Amazon offers a large number of references with original designs. See their catalog

The 3 best applications of Hand Spinner

The Hand Spinner madness has not spared Android mobiles. There are dozens of more or less successful Hand Spinner simulators on the Play Store . You too want to embark on the adventure but you do not know which application to download? Here is our selection of the best Hand Spinner apps.

Hand Spinner by Ketchapp

You can't start this selection without talking about the Ketchapp Hand Spinner app. It is simply the benchmark. The latter offers a wide choice of spinners. There is something for every taste. image And as you progress through the game, you will have access to new models.

Each time you launch, the number of spins performed by your spinner is automatically saved on your phone. Obviously the longer the Hand Spinner turns, the higher your score. The game also offers many options to help you improve your performance and beat your record.

Laser launcher

The principle is simple. You choose a model and then slide your finger on the screen to launch the spinner. It is then up to you to find the technique to make them run as long as possible.

Attention, the application contains a lot of advertisements. These headbands appear in some troublesome cases. Another regret, the noise of the spinner. We are far from the sound of the models they are supposed to imitate. image Laser launcher is available on the Play Store.

Fouget Spinner Game

Here is another alternative to the previously mentioned applications. Just like their competing Fouget Spinner game (sorry for the translation) you will pass the time pleasantly.

image The quality of the production does not suffer from any criticism. The application offers many relaxing music. You can decompress after a hard day's work.