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Block read receipts on the iPhone

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Too intrusive read confirmation?
Disable read notifications
View a message without sending confirmation using 3D Touch mode
Change iMessage settings


Do you want your contacts or friends not to know that you have read their messages? Here is a quick and easy solution to block read receipts on Apple smartphones and tablets..

Too intrusive read confirmation?

As you most certainly know, when you read a message on an Apple terminal sent from the iMessage application , your correspondent will receive a read receipt confirming that you have read their message correctly. Very useful, this device can in some cases quickly turn into a nightmare and become a source of conflicts or arguments with your loved ones. In fact, many people cannot stand having to wait more than 5 minutes to get a response to their message.

Disable read notifications

If you find this function disturbing, two solutions are available to you. Either you deactivate this device directly in your iPhone or iPad settings or if you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus there is a little trick to temporarily deactivate the read receipts..

Change iMessage settings

Here is the procedure to deactivate read receipts on an iPhone or iPad

  • Click the Settings icon on the desktop of your Apple terminal
  • Then select the Messages section
  • Press the switch to the right of the Read receipt option to deactivate the sending of read receipts

Now every time you read a message sent from another Apple device, your correspondent will no longer receive acknowledgments informing you that you have read their message.

View a message without sending confirmation using 3D Touch mode

If this solution seems too restrictive, here is a quick and easy method to control the sending of read notifications on a case-by-case basis. The only imperative is that you must have an iPhone with 3D Touch mode..

  • Open the iMessage app
  • Select from your conversations, the message you want to read
  • Then lightly press the extract of the message to trigger the opening of the content preview window

You will be able to read the message without triggering the sending of read confirmation. This solution is particularly practical for not responding immediately to requests without passing for a boor. This will give you time to prepare your response without offending your contact.