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Vianavigo: the essential app for your trips in Ile de France

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Optimize your trips throughout the Ile de France
Plan a trip with Vianavigo


Do you use public transport in the Ile-de-France every day? To help you plan your route as well as possible, the Ile de France transport union (STIF) has launched the Vianavigo application. Here are the main functions..

Optimize your trips throughout the Ile de France

Smartphones have radically changed the way we move. While a few years ago, planning a route taken from the obstacle course, today we can organize a trip very easily from our smartphone.

Travel time, train crossing times, choice of lines, traffic alerts , the Vianavigo application makes everyday life easier for Ile-de-France travelers. The latter brings together in a single interface all public transport in Paris and its suburbs (bus, RER, metro, tram, SNCF trains, etc.). No more juggling multiple apps and websites..

image Thanks to its geolocation system, you can very easily locate the RER, metro, Transiliens stations but also the bus or tram stations closest to you. Fans of the ever faster will appreciate the tool allowing to consult in real time the next passages of the trains but also of the buses.

Free and regularly updated, Vianavigo allows travelers to be better informed, particularly during disruptions (passenger incidents, breakdowns, technical problems, service interruption, work, strikes). image Each user will be able to receive personalized alerts in order to be notified in the event of disruption on one of the lines they are used to using..

Plan a trip with Vianavigo

Remember that even the shortest trips are often a source of stress. Hence the importance of planning your trip well in advance. And that's good, Vianavigo has been designed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Open the Play Store and download Vianavigo on your mobile
  • Launch the application
  • In the route search field, enter your destination address image
  • Validate your choice
  • The Vianavigo application takes care of finding the best route to your destination (the fastest, the route with the least connections or the one requiring the least walking)
  • Select the route of your choice to obtain the details of your route (journey time, walking time, number of stations) image

The Vianavigo app is available for free for Android smartphones and tablets.