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Chomp SMS for Android

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Messaging is still the preferred means of communication for many Android smartphone users today. In this context, we decided to present Chomp SMS to you, one of the best messaging applications in terms of personalization and ease of use..

SMS applications on Android

We all know the SMS management application provided by default by smartphone manufacturers rarely meet the needs of everyone. Not very ergonomic, these apps suffer from a severe lack of personalization. However, by poking around on the Google Play Store, you can easily find some very interesting applications. This is the case for example of Chomp SMS .

Chomp SMS

image Long remained in the shadow of the heavyweights of the category that are Sliding SMS or Messenger of Google, Chomp SMS has known for a few months a growing success in our latitudes. All this is amply deserved in view of all its qualities. The application is one of the most complete on the market. Here is a summary of some features offered

  • Password protection of conversations
  • Delayed sending of messages
  • Ability to cancel the sending of an SMS in progress
  • More than 1600 emojis integrated into the application
  • Ability to change the font size but also the color of the text bubbles
  • System for blocking messages from unwanted correspondents (blacklist)
  • Customize the color of the notification led and the ring type according to the author of the SMS


Sending grouped SMS

Add to this list, the possibility of sending grouped messages . This function is very useful for sending invitations or passing information on to a restricted circle of friends. The procedure is extremely simple. You first create a group, you write your message, you then select your group of friends and Chomp SMS takes care of sending the SMS to all the correspondents on your list..

image Note that this application is capable of supporting two different SIM cards. If you have a Dual Sim smartphone, Chomp SMS can therefore easily replace your usual messaging application .