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Automatically adjust the volume of your Android mobile

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Control the volume of Android
Adjust the sound automatically according to the application used


Have you ever been in a waiting room, opening the Facebook application when suddenly a video of your news feed starts at full volume? If you are looking for a solution to automatically adjust the volume of your smartphone according to the application used, I invite you to read the following..

Control the volume of Android

Without realizing it, we spend our time adjusting the sound of our mobile . It has also become a form of ritual for many users. Depending on the application used (YouTube, video player, social network applications, MP3 player, streaming application, messaging), we are forced to constantly decrease or increase the volume of our precious phone. Not always easy to navigate.

Fortunately, genius developers have developed a tool called App Volume Control capable of defining a sound volume for each app. Once configured, it will automatically adjust the volume of your applications according to the pre-defined settings. It's the perfect solution to do away with totally inaudible YouTube videos or deafening game music that disturbs those around you..

Adjust the sound automatically according to the application used

As much to tell you immediately App Volume Control may well make your daily life easier. Once tried you will not be able to do without it. You are now warned. Without further ado, we will now see how to set a volume level for each of your applications.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for the App Volume Control app in the field provided.
  • When launching for the first time, you will see a warning message asking you to go to the service configuration screen.
  • Click the button to access your device's accessibility settings image
  • Activate the App Volume Control Service option by pressing the switch
  • Then return to the App Volume Control home page
  • You will see a list of all the applications installed on your machine.
  • Select the one for which you want to automatically manage the sound level by clicking on the corresponding button image
  • Then press the tab at startup
  • Then set the volume for each category (music, ringtone, alarm, notification, system) on the three listening devices on your phone (speaker, headphones and bluetooth audio system)
  • To do this, simply click on the switch and then move the cursor to adjust the sound level. image
  • Do the same for the closing section image
  • Note that if you do not activate one of the categories, it will keep the volume used by default on the mobile
  • Then click on the floppy disk icon to save your settings

Then take a test. Turn your phone's volume down to the minimum. Launch the application you just configured to verify that App Volume Control automatically adjusts the sound level of your device without you having to touch the volume buttons..

Normally if the operation was successful you should see the words Volume modified by App Volume Control appear . image Note that if the latter bothers you you can very easily deactivate it directly from the settings section of the volume control application.