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Configure iCloud Keychain Password Manager

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Password too complex to remember
A password management solution integrated into the iPhone
How to activate and configure Keychain iCloud on the iPhone
Import your passwords in Keychain iCloud
Change or delete a password
Create a master password


With the proliferation of social networks and user accounts on the internet, we have been witnessing a proliferation of passwords for several years. Problem, it has become practically impossible for ordinary people to retain their precious digital sesames. Aware of this weakness, Apple launched the Trousseau iCloud password manager to manage and protect all your identifiers. Here's how to set up and use this digital safe..

Password too complex to remember

When creating a personal account on a website, it's always the same story. We are asked for a sufficiently long password comprising at least a capital letter, numbers and sometimes even punctuation characters. And of course it must be unique. The same secret code must not be used on several services.

As much to tell you right away, it is practically impossible to remember this type of password. As a result, many internet users are content to use insecure passwords such as 12345 or azert and even sometimes password. Hackers and other hackers have tools that can easily take over poorly protected accounts..

A password management solution integrated into the iPhone

To protect itself from hacking and ensure the confidentiality of its data, Apple has launched its own password management service . Called Trousseau iCloud. Thanks to it, you will be able to securely store all your passwords but also automatically connect to all your accounts without worrying about manual entry of your credentials.

ICloud kit ensures the automatic filling of the fields used for the connection. Clearly, your iPhone will search for your identifiers in the safe when launching a site. If you forget, you will no longer need to use the forgotten password function..

How to activate and configure Keychain iCloud on the iPhone

Before configuring Keychain iCloud, you will need to activate it on your smartphone.

  • Open the iPhone or iPad settings
  • Select the iCloud section then Keychain image
  • Move the small switch to activate the password manager image

Create a master password

With Trousseau iCloud you no longer need to clutter your memory with a multitude of secret codes. With a single password, you will be able to access all of your accounts (social networks, mailboxes, etc.). Just be careful not to lose this master password.

  • When activating Keychain iCloud, the iPhone will ask you to define a master password also called security code iCloud
  • You have the choice to use the Pin code used to unlock your iPhone or to create a secure password
  • At the end of the procedure, you will be asked to enter your phone number

This service will then allow you to authenticate yourself and validate the use of Trousseau iCloud on another Apple device (Mac, iPad, etc.).

Import your passwords in Keychain iCloud

The password registration phase is done as you browse the internet.

  • Launch Safari web browser
  • Open (for example) your webmail service
  • Enter your login details
  • The iPhone will offer to save them in Trousseau iCloud image

The next time you visit your email account, the system will automatically fill in all the fields for you. Then simply click on the connect button to access your messaging service. Please note, Trousseau only works with the Safari browser.

Change or delete a password

Trousseau iCloud saves all your login credentials to your iPhone. Obviously this highly sensitive data is encrypted.

  • Open your phone settings
  • Select the Safari section
  • Then click on password and automatic filling
  • Press the line Passwords in memory to read the credentials saved on your device image