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Flash SMS iPhone: send ephemeral SMS in full screen

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Think you know everything about SMS? Here is a tip that may surprise you. Today we are going to explain to you how to send ephemeral SMS directly from an iPhone with the Flash SMS application type Class 0..

What is a Flash SMS?

Do you dream of sending an SMS that destroys itself after reading a bit like what Snapchat has to offer with its ephemeral messages? Well then the Flash SMS application Class 0 type is made for you. As its name suggests, the latter will allow you to send what is called in the jargon of Flash SMS professionals.

These are in fact so-called priority texts which will automatically appear in full screen on your recipients' smartphones as soon as they are received. Surprise effect guaranteed! But this is not the only originality of these alert messages..

Unlike a conventional SMS, it is not possible to keep it or save it in your inbox. Once your recipient has read it, it will automatically be deleted. The principle is reminiscent of that of many photo or video sharing apps (Snapchat not to mention). There is a difference, however.

Paid message service

image Unlike the little ghost's social network, sending a flash SMS requires having previously recharged your account with credit packs. Count all the same, 3.99 euros for 10 messages sent. Note that it is possible to earn credits by downloading other free applications offered by Flash SMS..

How to use Flash SMS type Class 0?

On the use side, it’s hard to make it easier. The Class 0 SMS Flash application even works without a SIM card. You can therefore use it as well on an iPad as on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The only requirement is that your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Open the App Store
  • Download and install Flash SMS type Class 0 on your Apple device image
  • Select the recipient (s) directly from your telephone directory
  • Please note that the telephone numbers must be in international format (replace the first 0 of the mobile number with +33)
  • Then enter your text image
  • As with a conventional SMS, it must not exceed 160 characters.
  • Press the send button image

Please note that receiving Flash SMS messages differs depending on the operator of your recipient and the type of telephone used. On the SFR and Orange networks, messages are displayed in full screen. By cons on Free Mobile, they appear as a classic SMS. image

Do not hesitate to consult the section of pre-recorded messages. You will find models of Flash SMS ready to send (happy birthday, love message etc ...).