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How to send SMS from Facebook Messenger

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We no longer present the Facebook Messenger instant messaging application. You may also be one of its loyal users. But did you know that Facebook Messenger has a function for sending and receiving SMS? We will explain everything to you..

Facebook Messenger becomes an SMS application

The Facebook instant messaging system has not stopped evolving since its creation in 2011. The Messenger application is now enriched with a functionality allowing to manage the sending and the reception of SMS but also of MMS.

Concretely this means that you can, if you wish, find your Facebook messages and your SMS within the same interface. No need to switch apps to read a new text message or read an SMS conversation..

Facebook Messenger is now able to collect all of your messages on one screen. We can easily imagine the time savings.

Set Facebook Messenger as your default application for SMS management

If you want to integrate your SMS and MMS in Facebook Messenger, you will first need to do a few things on your smartphone. Rest assured nothing complicated..

  • Open the Play Store
  • Click the Menu button
  • Select the My games and applications section
  • Press the Update All button
  • Then open the settings of your mobile
  • Select the Application section
  • Tap the gear icon
  • Choose Default Applications
  • Click on SMS Application
  • Then select Facebook Messenger from the list

image The Facebook Messenger application is now configured for sending and receiving SMS. In order to distinguish the different types of messages, Facebook has decided to display SMS in purple while Messenger discussions will continue to appear in blue bubbles.

Please note that SMS and MMS sent from Messenger will be deducted from your mobile plan at the usual price.