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How to watch free TV on your Android mobile

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Stuck in his doctor's waiting room or stuck in transport, time seems very long. To make these waiting times more pleasant, you can for example watch TV on your Android smartphone or tablet. You do not know how ? We will explain everything to you..

Find your TV programs on your smartphone

The journeys without doing anything seem endless. To break the boredom and loneliness, nothing beats a good television program . Today with a simple smartphone and an internet connection you can very easily access dozens of TV channels and a multitude of replay programs.

There are a multitude of free applications on the Play Store offering to transform a simple phone into a portable TV . Be careful however, these apps require a lot of bandwidth and are particularly data-hungry. If you do not want to exhaust your data envelope in a few hours, prefer a Wi-Fi connection to 4G access..

Free TV applications

All the major television channels offer an application to watch their programs live. This is particularly the case for France Television. image Its free FranceTV Pluzz app provides access to all of the group's channels 24 hours a day, as well as viewing fictions, shows and documentaries 7 days after their first broadcast.

image The interface is of high quality and leaves a good overall impression. The favorites function allows you to keep in memory your favorite programs in order to find them easily. Only regret, it is impossible to watch Pluzz from abroad because of the geographical restrictions..


Obviously France Télévisions is not the only audiovisual group to offer this type of application. The general-interest television channel TF1 also has its own application. MyTF1 offers direct access to the group's 4 channels (TF1, TMC, NT1 and HD1) as well as a catch-up TV module.

image Football fans will appreciate the multi-camera mode allowing you to change the angle of view during the match (aerial view, player camera, normal mode). Important detail, the MyTF1 service is completely free on the other hand you will have to open an account (email and password) to access it.


image Impossible to end this presentation, let alone the 6Play application. The M6 ​​group was the first French television group to offer an internet service dedicated to replay. Their new application is presented as a real digital platform. We can take advantage of the direct broadcast of the group's 3 channels (M6, W9 and 6ter), replay, but also completely new functions such as the interactive quiz.

Operators' multi-screen TV applications

To simplify access to television channels, internet operators provide their customers with multi-screen applications. Compared to the official applications of audiovisual groups, they offer the possibility of browsing all of the DTT channels from a single interface.

It is certainly much more practical, but it requires you to have the TV option in your internet or mobile plan. Do not hesitate to contact your operator to find out if you benefit from this service and to find out how to use it. Once this step has been completed, you will need to install the application dedicated to online TV channels on your smartphone or tablet.

Orange TV

image The Orange TV application not only allows you to watch TV, plan the recording of your favorite shows, but also create alerts on your favorite programs or control your television from your smartphone.

  • Open the Play Store
  • Enter in the Orange TV search field
  • Launch the app download
  • Once the installation process is complete, open the Orange TV
  • Click on the TV Channels icon image
  • Then select the program you want to watch in the program guide

The program is displayed in full screen mode. Note that the operators SFR and Bouygues Telecom offer equivalent solutions. Free subscribers should turn to the Freebox Companion application. Please note that it must be connected to a Box Free to display the television package.