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Print 500 photos for free with FreePrints

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Photo printing services for smartphones, there are dozens on the net and at all prices. To stand out from the competition, some have chosen to offer free paper prints. This is particularly the case with the FreePrints application, which offers no less than 45 10 × 15 photo prints every month to all of its users..

Photo printing in the digital age?

Thanks to the development of mobile, we have never taken so many photos in the world. You just have to take a tour of the tourist sites to realize that smartphones have long since replaced the good old cameras.

This change has caused many transformations in the field of photo printing. The vast majority of amateur photographers today simply transfer their photos to a computer or share them on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)..

The development of shops picture have also almost all disappeared. Can we conclude that photo printing is completely dead?

Print photos online

At a time when photo sharing has become an unavoidable trend, some diehards continue to favor paper printing. The photo printing service on the internet has never been so numerous. Just do a search on Google to realize it.

image The big players in this market compete to offer the lowest prices and the best possible print quality. Some development services do not hesitate to offer free photo prints . This is particularly the case for PlanetArt, the world leader in mobile printing..

Its FreePrints application available on Android smartphones allows you to order up to 45 photos per month for free. You can even win additional draws by sharing on Twitter. Please note the shipping costs are obviously your responsibility.

How to take advantage of free photo prints

The operation is simple and particularly quick. You just need to download an application and open an account beforehand.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Download and install the FreePrints - Free Photos app on your Android smartphone
  • During the first start, you will be asked to open an account
  • Then select on the storage memory of your mobile or on your social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox and even Flickr) the photos you want to print image
  • The application has different tools to crop, enlarge or rotate your photos
  • Then select the print format

Note that only 10 × 15 prints are free. In addition, you are only allowed one print per photo. Finally, last important point, the shipping and handling costs are your responsibility. For standard deliveries they vary from 1.99 euros to 7.49 euros.

Your photo prints will then be delivered to your home within 5 to 11 days. To find out how many developments you have left, click on the Menu button and select the my account section.