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How to use the secure folder on the Galaxy Notre 7

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We all knew this little anxiety when lending your smartphone to a friend or family member. What's more normal, mobiles today contain personal information that you would certainly not like to make public. We are explaining to you today how to protect your privacy by using the security folder function of the Galaxy Note 7..

Stay in control of your privacy

Whether it's the messages of his girlfriend, the WhatsApp conversations with his friends or the photos taken on vacation, smartphones hide countless little more or less honorable secrets. Obviously you don't want other people to have access to it. Your privacy belongs to you and no one else.

If you are a loyal prodigemobile reader you already know how to hide photos on an Android mobile or put your SMS away from the curious..

Although effective, these solutions very often only protect one type of file (message, photos, videos), thus forcing you to juggle different applications.

Samsung Private Folder

With the Note 7, Samsung has decided to offer a global solution capable of securing all of your sensitive files (photos, videos, documents) but also your applications, your email accounts and your social networks. Called Secure Folder (Private Folder) this utility relies on technology that works Knox Korean society for many years..

Once in place this feature will allow you to store some of your most important information on your smartphone without worrying about their security. Access to this file is protected either by a password, a fingerprint or the iris of the eye.

But unlike the security tools available on Android, Secure Folder allows you to use the same application twice with two different accounts. One with free access and the other protected by Private Folder. This option is very practical if you have for example a professional and personal Snapchat account.

Set up a secure folder on the Galaxy Note 7

The initial setup will not take you more than a few minutes. Remember to link the service to your Samsung account . If you forget your password, you can recover your data

  • Click on the Secure Folder icon on the home page of your Note 7
  • If you can't find it, launch your mobile settings and select the Security section
  • Click on Secure Folder
  • Select your Samsung account
  • Then choose from the list the protection method to secure your directory (pin code, fingerprint, iris, password unlocking scheme)

Now you can now use the Private Folder function.

How to protect files

Do you want to hide certain compromising photos from the curious? Nothing's easier

  • Open the application managing your photos
  • Select one or more images
  • Press the Menu button (3 points) then click on the Move to secure folder option

Do not forget to install a shortcut of the photo gallery application in your secure folder. Otherwise you will not be able to view them. You do not know how ? That's good, we explain all this to you in the next chapter.

Transfer an application to the secure folder

As you will see immediately, the Secure Folder application allows you to encrypt any application.

  • Open the secure folder
  • Click on the add button , placed at the bottom in the middle of the main window
  • Select one of the apps already installed on your smartphone from the list or click the Play Store button to download one from the Google store