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Photomath: the iPhone app that solves your math problems

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Allergy to numbers is a very common disease in the population. If you are not part of the very closed club of forts in mathematics, rest assured nothing is lost. The Photomath app is capable of solving any math problem with a snap of the fingers..

Help for Dummies in Math

Don't have a math bump? Is arithmetic a source of anxiety and pain for you? Are you wailing miserably in front of any equation? If that can reassure you, you are far from alone. Drying out in front of a math exercise without finding a solution is the anxiety of many students.

To reconcile young people with this discipline, developers have the brilliant idea of ​​developing an application capable of automatically solving any mathematical equation. Her name, Photomath..

How PhotoMath works

Unlike competing services that require the user to scan the problem statement and then send it, Photomath automatically performs this operation via the camera on your smartphone.

image To do this, simply place your exercise sheet in front of the lens of your mobile. The character recognition system integrated into the application then takes care of transcribing your math problem and immediately displays the answer. It's hard to make it simpler..

The application is also capable of providing the detail of the calculation with comments for each step. This function is very useful for all those who cannot be helped. Some clever ones may even use it to cheat. image

Linear equation, arithmetic, algebra, quadratic equation , logarithm, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals and exponential functions will no longer hold any secrets for you. And then with the new character recognition system, handwritten texts are now taken into account. This is a new feature that shouldn't appeal to math teachers very much.

PhotoMath: getting started

image The PhotoMath application is not only intended for middle school, high school or university students. Parents who are not very good with numbers will also be able to use it to correct their children's exercises or simply remember certain calculation rules.

  • Launch the App Store
  • Download and install the PhotoMath app
  • Place yourself in a sufficiently lighted place
  • Open your math book
  • Launch the PhotoMath app
  • Then correctly frame your equation or calculation. This is the most important step. Depending on the lens of your camera, the operation will be more or less long.
  • After focusing, the result will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen
  • To obtain the detail of the calculation with all the explanations, you will have to click on the answer

If PhotoMath does not solve your problem (which is very rare), you can send the statement to the experts by clicking on the arrow icon.