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How to encrypt your messages on Facebook Messenger

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It was an open secret. Facebook has been working for several months on a system allowing to encrypt the exchanges between two correspondents on the Messenger application. This is now done with the launch of the new secret conversation option. Without further ado we will explain how to encrypt your messages on Facebook Messenger..

End-to-end encryption

After the revelations about the massive collection of information by the various intelligence services, many internet users now want to be able to protect their personal data more effectively. Facebook has understood this and has been offering for a few months a new option called secret conversation . With it you can encrypt your messages from start to finish.

Obviously said like that for uninitiated IT security is not very telling. To put it simply, end-to-end encryption in the Facebook Messenger application guarantees the confidentiality of your exchanges. Only you and your correspondent can read the messages. These are protected by a kind of digital padlock..

Even if hackers or malware catch your messages, they will not be able to read them. These are simply indecipherable. No one can get into your conversations, not even Facebook. Each message has its own encryption key.

Secret conversations suffer from some limitations

While WhatsApp offers an automatic encryption system for all messages, Facebook preferred to let users choose the conversations they wanted to encrypt. In addition, not all Messenger features can take advantage of this security system..

For example, it is impossible to protect conversations that include videos, gif, and group conversations. More annoying this new device is currently only accessible from the Facebook Messenger Android and iOs application.

You will not be able to read or send encrypted communications from the web version of Messenger. This problem should normally be corrected in the coming months. Finally, last important point, Facebook lets you define visibility rules for encrypted items. image Using the timer function, you can choose the lifespan of your publications. Exceeded a certain period of time, these will automatically erase from the inbox of your correspondents.

How to encrypt messages with the secret conversation option

The secret conversation option is only available on the latest versions of Facebook Messenger. Consider updating your email application.

  • First we will activate the secret conversation option
  • Launch the Facebook Messenger app
  • Then click on the My Profile tab image
  • Go down the window and press the secret conversations section image
  • Then push the switch to activate the function
  • Then return to the Facebook Messenger application home page
  • Choose one of your contacts from the list
  • Press the i button at the top right of your correspondent's description image
  • Click on the secret conversation padlock icon image

Here you can now type your message it will be encrypted from one device to another. The person who receives it will in turn activate the secret conversation function on their mobile. It is only after this step is completed that he will be able to read the content of your message.