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SeriesAddict, the Android application for tracking series

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Where will the madness of TV series end? Television fictions are starting to overshadow the cinema. The offer is becoming so overcrowded that it has become increasingly difficult to navigate. Fortunately, there are Android apps to receive notifications and never miss a single episode of your favorite series again..

The TV Series phenomenon

In a few years the French audiovisual landscape has radically changed. Who would have imagined one day that a large national channel like TF1 would broadcast TV series in prime time ? Certainly not many people.

Once regarded as the poor relation of Hollywood, the TV series gained in legitimacy. The efforts made in terms of writing have made it possible to seduce a new connected public, generally little consuming television..

And the phenomenon is not about to stop. American studios invest large sums of money in these types of programs. Result the TV series have improved in quality. Big names in cinema like Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks no longer hesitate to launch or produce their own TV series .

And the public seems appreciated. Each episode is watched by millions of viewers around the world. An unprecedented social phenomenon to the point that some television channels but also streaming services (Netflix) have decided to go from a simple broadcaster to producer..

Follow his series on his smartphone

Video on demand platforms, like television channels, broadcast dozens of episodes every day. Not easy under these conditions to follow the broadcast agenda for each series. image Fortunately, there are free apps on the Google Play Store to help viewers manage their viewing schedules .

The advantages of this type of application are manifold. Fans can easily find information on their favorite fictions: description, character sheet, dates of next episodes or new seasons, suggestion of similar series etc. image

The SeriesAddict application also offers a module allowing fans to exchange and assign notes for each series. With each new episode, you receive a message or notification on your smartphone.

You can also keep in memory the episodes already seen. Very practical, especially when you are a bit out of your mind and you no longer know when you stopped watching your fiction. It avoids accelerated viewing of episodes already seen.

  • Download the SeriesAddict app on the Play Store from your smartphone
  • Click on the register button to create an account on the BetaSerie platform image
  • Then press the My series icon to select your favorite fictions image
  • Select the my schedule section to find out the dates for the next episodes image

This application will save you a lot of time. No need for example to go to different sites to be informed of the latest outings. All the schedule of your favorite series is on your smartphone.