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How to make free ringtones for the iPhone

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Want to create a ringtone for your iPhone from one of your favorite music tracks? That's good, that's the subject of this tutorial. We will explain how to get a 30 second ringtone from an MP3 and all that without downloading an application or even spending a single penny..

The impersonal melodies of the iPhone

If there is one subject on which most iPhone users are inexhaustible, it is the quality of the ringtones provided by default on their device. Whether it's music to signal the arrival of a call, alarms or notification sounds, the choice of melodies offered by Apple is very limited. On a daily basis this can be very annoying.

When you know the number of messages and phone calls received per day, you quickly understand why these little musics are so important. It doesn't sound like much but you will be surprised by the number of people who no longer support the ringtone of their smartphone..

Fortunately, there are countless applications on the App Store offering you to use an MP3 song as a ringtone . Alas most of the time the final result is not very convincing. The vast majority of applications often content themselves with playing the first notes of your song repeatedly.

Create a ringtone from iTunes

If you are tired of the impersonal melodies of your iPhone , we will show you that there is a very simple method to create a ringtone. For this we will use the iTunes software, draw from your library one of your favorite songs then choose an extract of 30 seconds and finally save it all as a ringtone..

The procedure does not present any particular difficulty and in addition it is free. What else do you want ?

  • Launch iTunes on your computer
  • Choose the music you want to turn into a ringtone
  • Right click on the song
  • In the menu select the option obtain information
  • Click on the options tab

Cut a song

  • You will now proceed to create a 30 second musical extract. For this you go with the start time and end time functions, tell iTunes when your ringtone will start and when it will end.
  • Be careful not to exceed the 30 second limit. example start: 1 min 30 s end: 2 min 0 s.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the OK button

Convert your musical extract

  • Once the selection is complete, right click on this piece of music and in the options choose the option create an AAC version
  • A new song will automatically save to your music library
  • Right click on this new file
  • Copy it to your computer desktop and change the file extension to m4r
  • Delete the 30-second file that you converted to AAC from iTunes. Be careful not to confuse it with the original song.
  • Then drag your musical extract into the Sounds section of your iTunes software

On your iPhone

  • Then connect your smartphone to your computer
  • In iTunes, select the option sounds and synchronize the sounds then click on the button apply
  • Once synchronization is complete, disconnect your iPhone from your computer
  • In the iPhone menu, click Settings then Sounds and finally Ringtones
  • Select the name of the ringtone you just created from the list

Now you know how to create a free ringtone for your iPhone from any MP3 file. Note that it is possible to assign different music to a particular contact.

  • Launch the Phone app
  • In the bar at the bottom click on the Contacts icon
  • Choose from the list, the correspondent whose ringtone you want to customize
  • Press the modify button located at the top right
  • Click on Ringtone
  • Select the melody of your choice